February's Goals

Here's a quick recap on how I did with February's Goals.

* Send the package of crafts I am making for my Valentine's Day Swap partner.
Sent...see here.

* Finish one of the books Liz gave me for Christmas, The Mystery of Grace. Finished. I didn't LOVE it but it was a fast read and the core story was good. It was just full of a lot of unneccesary fluff.

* Start and Finish the Book Club book, The Heretic's Daughter.
Started and I am 3/4 through it. I will finish it by Sunday for our meeting.

* Finish Shannon's Birthday Gift.
I guess I was going to make her something?! I decided against it apparently because I ended up giving her a WLD board and markers of her own. Also, a really pretty picture frame.

* Figure out Jeremy's Birthday Presents.
I gave him a tshirt, a flannel, boxers that I painted little things on and a Clutch cd.

* Figure out what I am going to make/give Shannon for her baby shower.
I made her this baby afghan.

Woohoo!! I did pretty awesome!!