Wishlist Wednesday...wait isn't today...??

I realize today is Friday but I’ve been working 12 hour days this whole week. I sit at a computer all day at work so when I get home and only have 2 hours to eat, unwind and then go to sleep, the last thing I want to do is go back on a computer LOL!!
So here is my Wishlist that should have been up on Wednesday.
Everything this week is from Etsy. I spent a lot of time milling around in the Etsy Treasury lists and found so many lovely things I’d love to have!

This bracelet is amazing!! I love all the things out there with zippers as accents now; I have a few shirts but I want more! I would so rock this bracelet!!

From Reborne Jewelry's shop

This t-shirt is way too cute and something I NEED!

From Sew to Speak’s shop

I love plaid…A LOT! And I also need a new thermos because the travel mug I had, I microwaved and it kinda melted =/
This would be beyond perfect to bring my coffee in to work every morning!

From SimplySuzula’s shop

Zombie on a bike…come on, it screams awesome!! Not to mention the detail in the graphic is insane, look at that hand reaching to rip your brain out!!

From Dark Cycle Clothing’s shop

I don’t really get down on fancy or smelly soap. I have really sensitive skin and allergies so I just stick to good old St. Ives but this is way too freaking adorable. I might have to get some of these as gifts for others =P

From SoFino’s shop

There’s something about this skeleton key with the bow that I just love!

From SachaKimmes’ shop

This little dish is so beautiful! I would love to keep little trinkets in it or even the jewelry I wear everyday when I take it off at night.

From Beggar’s Tomb Pottery’s shop

This vintage tray is so pretty. I would definitely use it to bring all the goodies and drinks out on when I host our Book Club meetings!

From Haven Vintage’s shop

This copper wire spider web and spider are so SO pretty! It would look so great hanging in a corner of one of the nooks in my apartment.

From Spiderwood Hollow’s shop

This necklace is absolutely stunning! I have no other words for it other than I WANT it!!

From White Owl’s shop

I hope everyone is having a good week!


Prompt 30

Oh my how long did I put this off for?! I honestly didn't want to do the last one...I didn't want this to end, it was alot of fun!
I did sign up for another type of "class" ran by Janel from Run With Scissors. It is an "I Heart Fall" class. There will be journaling, crafting, recipes, all kinds of Fall related activities which I can not resist! Plus the small fee went to help her and her husband adopt a baby so...it's for a good cause too!!

Anyway...enough stalling...

Journal Prompt 30: What did you do this week that moved you closer to reaching your goals?

I actually did alot last week to get me closer to the goals I had set in the beginning of August from Prompt 15

I set my budget through October. I'm pretty proud of myself, I've had a budget for the last 2 months that I've stuck to and it's really helping. I used to be kind of bad with my money, not TOO bad but I needed to be better now that I live on my own. For the last 2 months I've been sticking to my budget and it's really working out!

My car situation isn't exactly "figured out". The stupid thing is on the brink of death so it is currently sitting on the side of the street and I have only been moving it on street cleaning days from one side to the other. Luckily I work with both my sister and mother. Jessie only lives 4 blocks from me so she takes me in to work and my mom passes my exit on her way home so she's been taking me home. Jeremy has also been letting me borrow his car when I need it. It's not ideal, but it's working for now.

My mom's birthday was the 17th. I didn't make her anything but I did buy her hand made things. A really pretty earring and bracelet set and a nice smelly candle. All from this adorable little store Cottage Crafters.

And as I already posted about, I visited my Dad this weekend.

It's really great to look back on goals and see what I've completed. It's probably one of the reasons I'm so list obsessed! I have lists all over the place, in my purse, on my dresser, on my desk at work...there's nothing like checking something off your To Do list as done!


It Smells like Cupcakes

My apartment smells so delicious!!

I haven't baked in sooo long. The last thing I made was a chainsaw and bloody foot cake for my ex boyfriend over 3 years ago. You can see it here if you want to.

I have a serious sweet tooth and I think that is one of the main reasons I don't bake. If I did, I would be eating crap all the time!! It sucks that Jeremy doesn't like sweets, otherwise I'd bake him cookies and cakes and pies and what not all the time.
Tonight I made funfetti cupcakes for my manager's birthday tomorrow. I was shocked at what a small amount of sprinkles come with the icing. So I have 6 cupcakes without sprinkles. Next time, I am going to buy a whole extra thing of sprinkles!!
I'm very proud of myself for not eating one of these cute little guys!! That's not to say I didn't eat plenty of the batter or left over icing =)

Ready to be cooked!!

I love to see all the colors in the cake after they're baked!

All Iced, Sprinkled and ready to be eaten!

I hope my manager likes funfetti, she has no clue we all even know it's her birthday let alone that we are bringing in food!!

I Won!

So last week I posted about a giveaway I entered over on The Dainty Squid's blog for a free custom pair of plugs made by Ark's Endeavors. I went onto my blog this morning to see what any of the blogs I follow have posted over the weekend and I see that she posted the winner. I also saw that the name of the winner was "Jamie" and I got pretty excited but I told myself it's probably not me. Out of the hundreds of comments she got there's bound to be more than one Jamie. I clicked on the link and it went to my blog, WOOOTT!! I won!
I've never won anything before and this is the first blog giveaway I've entered, I'm so excited!!
Thank you Dainty Squid!!
This couldn't have come at a better time because on Friday I was looking at plugs on Etsy and swooning over all of them. I ordered a pair for Jeremy (he doesn't really do the whole interent thing) and I had to restrain myself from ordering any for myself.
Now I won't have to!

Saturday in Jersey

Saturday I spent in Jersey and it was oh so fun!
The day started off with jewelry making with Shannon. We went to BeadLuxe in Summit and spent a couple hours Oooing and Aahhing over all the lovely beads. Shannon made a really cute pair of hoop earrings and I made this beautiful necklace! I'm not sure what's on the pendant but I like to think they are tomatoes. It was really fun and the girl running the shop was so nice and helpful. I absolutely want to go back again some time. Maybe I'll make a bracelet next!

Then I had some time to kill before Liz got out of work so I went to Michaels to look for spray paint, which they didn't have, ugh! They have sooo many Halloween decorations out and I could barely contain myself. There is this amazing Halloween Village. It's like those Christmas Villages you see only it's haunted houses, a school for monsters, etc. One day I want a house with a fire place and a mantel and to have a Halloween Village on it!!

I also had to go on a hunt for Funfetti. Monday is my managers birthday and I volunteered to make cupcakes. I asked if everyone liked funfetti (who doesn't?!) so I have to deliver. The first grocery store had the chocolate funfetti cake mix but I prefer vanilla. They had funfetti brownies, cookies, even wanna be funfetti but not the vanilla funfetti cake mix, ugh! So I had to go to another grocery store. They had the vanilla funfetti but the sprinkles they had were the pastel colored ones in vanilla which was a bummer because I like the primary color dots ones, oh well!
So now I will be making funfetti cupcakes later today...maybe I'll post pictures if they're cute enough!

That night Liz, Kristin and I went to Rockaway to see my Dad's band, 2 Big 2 Fail play. It was a really good time and this was the first time they've played at this spot, The Exchange. It sounded really good, not too loud and no feedback. There were a lot of people at the bar and everyone was having a great time, I'm sure they'll be asked to come back.

Also, I was finally able to give my Dad his SUPER late Father's Day gift. I know he loved it, he even showed all the other band members which made me happy!


Craftster AGAIN?!

OMG I seriously feel so special!!

So I go on Craftster tonight to see if anyone responded to my new bat dolls (yes, I'm a comment whore) and I scroll down the home page to check out the special features. I see there's one called "Ridin' Crafty Bicycle Crafts". I clicked on it because I have a bunch of friends who all love bikes and I thought there might be something awesome in there to send them a link to...
and what do I see second to last but the bicycle I made the seat cover for on Jason's Marilyn Bike!!!

Here's the link to it in the special section as well as all the other rad bikes!!
"Ridin' Crafty Bicycle Crafts"

It really is a very awesome feeling to have people who you admire also admire your work. It's so gratifying and humbling.
I have been crafting pretty much my whole life. I discovered Craftster back in 2007 and it got me back into crafting after a bit of a hiatus and turned it into an obsession. It honestly has changed my life in a wonderful way. I can't thank Leah for starting it, all the wonderful people who now run the site and of course the amazing crafters who post their own projects and comment on mine enough. It's such a wonderful, positive community. In such a negative world, ESPECIALLY on the internet, it's a sort of haven for me.
I know I'm not the only Craftster who feels this way!!
Thank you Craftster!!

Prompt 29

Journal Prompt 29: Today I want you to write a letter to either your past self, or your future self. What are some things that you wish you would have known in the past? What are some things that you want to remember in the future? Write yourself a love letter today!!

Only one day left =(

I wrote to my future self...


Prompt 28

Journal Prompt 28: What are you most looking forward to? This can be something tomorrow, in a month, a year, or way into the future :)

I can not believe there are only two more prompts...I have totally been dragging this out for more than 30 days!!

Anyway...the thing I am most looking forward to, as always and I'm sure you guessed is...AUTUMN!!
It's my absolute favorite time of year, not only is it my birthday but I make sure it is jam packed with "Fall Activities".
"Fall Activities" started 3 years ago with Jessie the year after we got our apartment together. We went to bon fires, corn mazes, haunted houses, carved pumpkins, Halloween parties, the works. This tradition has carried on every year and I intend to keep it going for the rest of my life!! I always like to end it with Lonnie's amazing Thanksgiving dinner (my step mom can cook her ass off!!)
I even went to haunted houses and hobbled around a few months after my accident, it kinda sucked because I was in pain but...I had just met Jeremy so...that of course made it all better <3

2 More Bats

So last week I made this bat and last night I finished making two more smaller ones. The pattern came with a big bat and a little bat. As I was reading the directions again, I realized I forgot one step! I didn't add glue to the paint or dab any excess off. Last time I also didn't sew the wings to the body until they were already painted and baked (yes baked) and it was a pain in the butt because they were very stiff and hard to get the needle through. This time I sewed everything together first, then coffee stained and painted them. The only thing I don't like about doing it this way is that the wings don't move, they're stuck sticking out straight, the big ones wings move. This time I also hand stitched all the top stitching to make them look more "primitive", I like how that part turned out better than the first.
I also hot glued them to these old candle sticks I found at the thrift store last week.
I really love these primitive dolls, once I can make some more things for myself (after September) I am going to get that Raven pattern I posted a few Wednesdays ago and attempt him!!

Here they are....another black one and the illusive Allentownian Albino...Oooo!!

And here is where they live on one of the shelves above my chaise futon and snake tank. I really like how they look up there but now I really have to get a new frame so I can hang the "Imagine" ring painting I did in 2D class years ago. (stupid frame broke in the move.)

Happy Thursday!


Missing Elvis Wednesday

Monday was the 33rd Anniversary of Elvis' death.
I am a huge Elvis fan. Not only is he dreamy as hell with that dyed black hair and those bedroom eyes, I love his music and his movies. I love that old Rock and Roll and Elvis definitely knew how to do it! I've been listening to Elvis at work and while at home all week and watching his movies. I also have a bunch of tapes of TV specials from 3 years ago when TV Land did a whole Month of Elvis in the August that was the 30th anniversary of his death.
I especially LOVE the '68 Comeback Special. Elvis in that leather...gets me everytime!! I also really love the 50's Elvis, in those suits and the black & white pictures and videos!
I have a few Elvis items around my house, a bunch of books, movies, mugs, tshirts, a cross stitch I did from a pattern I bought at Graceland, multiple Christmas ornaments, belt buckles, etc. But as I'm sure you can guess...it's never enough!!

Here are some awesome Elvis items I would love!

This sweet lunchbox that would replace mine in heart beat!

from RetroPlanet

This crazy carved egg would look pretty sweet on my tv stand...

from 1eggman

I would love to have this zombified Elvis bust in my apartment!!

from MissLuckyHellCatArt

I would definitely rock this purse!

from Giftapolis

I love this tank top with an image of Elvis from the '68 Comeback Special done by artist David Garibaldi.

from ShopElvis

And I would Take Care of Business all day if I had this necklace!!

also from ShopElvis

I have a hard enough time as it is getting up in the morning, I'm pretty sure I'd never leave my bed if this were my comforter and pillowcases!!

from BestPrice-BestChoice

This shirt is outstanding, just look at that face!

from BackStreetMerch

I've recently been thinking that I should get back into writing, it always helped clear my head and get through tough times. This would be the perfect one to start with!

from Entertainment Earth

I'm not really a fan of the sparkly jumpsuit era of Elvis. Not that he didn't still have an amazing voice (have you seen his last performace and he sings "Unchained Melody"?! OMG, chokes me up everytime!!) But this little lego guy is awesome!!

from ElvisNews

And last but not least, to just sum up my feelings for him...

from Cafepress

I wish I could have seen Elvis live, even just once. Until I get to heaven where I'm sure he's singing with the angels, my ipod, cds, tapes and dvds will have to suffice. He may have left the bulding, but he is certainly not forgotten!!


Prompt 27

Holy crap I just realized there's only 3 prompts left for this Journal Challenge!!

Journal Prompt 27: If you could change one thing, what would it be. This could be something about yourself, your situation, your city, your country, the world...anything!!

Well I've been saying for the last couple months that I really need to stop letting things get me down so badly. Everything happens for a reason and sometimes things DON'T happen for a reason. A lot of crap has been going on that has been upsetting me and I really have just been a huge grump and negative nancy about it all. If I had cake at every pity party I've had, I'd weigh about 500 pounds!
I actually just had a conversation with Jeremy today about how all this crap seems to be happening at once and I'm really letting it get the best of me.
I recently read a very awesome post over on Faster KittyKill! Blog! Blog! about having pity parties. She reminded me that everyone has to have downs in order to appreciate the ups, when life seems to be punching me down, I need to remember to punch back!!
So if I could change one thing right now, I would change my attitude. I need to be more positive, look at everything as a learning experience and take something from it to make me stronger. I do know that what doesn't kill me will make me stronger, but that doesn't mean it won't suck along the way.
I've gone through WAY worse things, actual physical things so...not being able to go to school, or have a car or have enough money...really don't mean shit. I'm alive, I can walk, I have an amazing family, the best circle of friends I could have ever hoped for and the love of my life. I have some pretty awesome talents as far as my crafts and I am about to undertake a big step in my life (this will be discussed later).
I just have to remember all those good things! And as for all the not so good things...I need to either take steps to change them or realize I can not control everything and let things roll off my back.

This prompt really came at the right moment!!


I follow a fabulous blog The Dainty Squid and she is currently having a Giveaway for a pair of custom plugs from Ark's Endeavors.
She makes lovely custom plugs, I especially love the "Music in My Ears" ones and the Vintage Sewing Machines (alas my ears are not big enough for them). I would love to win this giveaway, I don't have nearly enough jewelry for my ears...just tons of boring steel tunnels or black plugs.
Fingers Crossed!!


Prompt 26

Journal Prompt 26: Today you are going to write out your favorite recipe!! This can be written, illustrated, cut and pasted, something. It is always really good to document these small little pieces of your life. Don't you think?

I think it's great to document my favorite recipe. Especially considering that for so long no one, not even me thought I would ever cook or clean or even be a little bit domestic. I have to say, I am pretty damn domesticated now!! It all started when Jeremy had to move in with me at the West End Apt. I was basically playing house; cooking dinner, making lunches, cleaning up after him, etc. It's funny, when I lived with my ex I didn't do ANYTHING like that, not even a little bit. There's something about Jeremy that made me really WANT to do those things for him. He would work 10-12 hour days so I liked to have dinner ready for him when he got home and then because he had so little time at home, I would make his lunches. I even didn't mind cleaning up after him because I knew he felt uncomfortable in my apartment and not like it was his home too. (That's not to say that he never cooked, he cooked alot and definitely helped do laundry and clean up around the apt)
Even now, when he comes over I like to cook something for him. Even when I know he'd be perfectly happy with chicken nuggets and tots or frozen pizza. One of my goals when cooking something is to get him to say "that was good babe" or "is there anymore?" Then I know he really did like it and it's something I will make again. We both love this!! It's a little extra work but soo worth it!

The original recipe called it Chicken Parmesan Bundles but...I call it Ritzy Chicken, it's a much cuter name, LOL!


Primitive Bat!

So I bought this pattern to make a primitive bat doll.
I have never made anything like this before but when I saw these bats, I knew I wanted my own! It was actually alot easier than I had thought it would be. In the future, I would change some of the way this was put together, mostly with the sewing parts. It was also the smelliest project I've ever done I think! I had to use coffee to stain the bat and then used cinnamon in the paint to gunk it up a bit, it was nice having my apartment filled with those scents though.
Now that I look at the pattern again, my bat isn't nearly as beat up as the original =(
I still like him alot and he was very easy to make. This is the big one and I plan on making two little ones next!
He already has a lovely home in the nook above my tv stand. The little ones I think I want to put on candlesticks or something and put them somewhere else in my apartment. I'll worry about that when the time comes though.

In his new home...(please ignore the chair, that was just there to stand on to get him up there)

Prompt 25

Journal Prompt 25: I want you to think about your day today. If you had to describe to me in one word, or one short phrase what would it be?? Us this phrase or word repeatedly on your page, trying out new fonts :)

My whole life lately revolves around money, to be exact the fact that I don't have any!


Wishlist Wednesday

I know today is Thursday but last night my "borrowed" Wifi was acting up.

I decided that instead of making a Wanna Make list this week, I would make a Wish List. I have way too many projects on my plate and looking at more things I'd love to make would just be torture. My birthday is in a month and a half so this was a very fun list to make!!

First off...tell me this table and lamps aren't amazing?! They would replace my craft table and lamp in a minute!

found here

Now that I think about my lamps, I would also love to replace the boring white ones in my living/bedroom with one of these!!

from Horrordecor

Speaking of Zombies, my sweet new laptop (thanks mommy!) could really use this decal...

from Macetera

These nesting dolls would look so great in my apartment!

from WengerGirl

I would love to keep my yarn while crocheting in this adorable yarn bowl!

from MaidofClay

These plugs are amazing, I'd love to look like I have buttons in my ears!!

from Omerica Organic

One, two Freddie's coming for you...this shirt rocks!!

from Branded

This anatomical Mermaid shirt is so beautiful!

also from Wengergirl

I would love to hang out around the house in these Rot'n Roll shorts!!

from Too Fast

If you buy me any of these, I'll love you forever!!


Personal Swap Part Deux

So a couple weeks ago I sent out this little panda for my swap partner's niece. This morning I woke up to a package at my door!
(long story short, my downstairs neighbor and I share a mailbox, he has the key so I have to wait to get my mail til the morning even when I can see it in the box the night before, it's torture!)
I quick opened it up before running to work and was SO happy that I even brought it with me because I wanted to look at everything some more!

The swap was initially just for this sweet, sweet needlebook! I am madly in love with it and can't believe Deb even included some needles!! I have a few embroidery and cross stitch projects in the works that I am definitely going to whip out and finish just to get some use out of my new needlebook!

I don't know why this picture keeps uploading longways when I took it and it's saved fatways!!!

She sent a little late (which I could care less about since I am perpetually late with and to everything in life) and to make up for it she made me these amazing Owl earrings and necklace!!!
(Sorry about the glare, the glaze on them keeps causing a glare with the flash but if I take a picture without the flash, they're too dark)

I literally squeeled out loud when I opened the needlebook and found them inside. The detail is amazing and the colors are so vibrant! Sadly I won't be able to wear the earrings because my ears are stretched BUT I will be rocking this necklace regularly. My sister LOVES little animal earrings. She has racoons, bats and lobsters right now. I showed them to her at work today and when I said "It sucks that I can't wear these tiny little owl earrings..." I watched the light bulb go off in her head and then she practically screamed "CAN I HAVE THEM?!" And when I told her of course, she said "YES!! Now I have 4 pairs of tiny animal earrings!!!" Can you tell we're related?!
This was the first personal swap I've done on Craftster although I've done a few organized ones. This was such an awesome experience that I will definitely be taking part in more personal swaps in the future.
Thank you CraftyDebs!!