Prompt 24

Journal Prompt 24: What is your most favorite place in the world? Is it a country, a town, a room, a secret place that no one else knows about? I know you have one, I want to see it!!

So my favorite place as alot of people know is New Orleans, LA.
My love for NOLA all started when I was 15 and read Interview with a Vampire for the first time. I've read and own quite a few of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles which all contributed to my obsession with New Orleans. I also became a HUGE fan of Poppy Z. Brite who also lives in and writes novels and short stories all based in New Orleans, some are vampires but not all. I was so in love with and apparently made it very aware to everyone of my love for New Orleans that it's mentioned by people who signed my senior year book and it's also part of my "Senior Farewell". My Propehcy says "I will become a rock star and live in New Orleans with my rats and my snakes and my husband with no kids" (minus the no kids part, this would still be pretty sweet) and my Post High School Plans says "I'm going to RVCC and then I'm going to move to New Orleans and become a singer in a band or a writer, but either way I'll be famous and rule!"
Haha! It's funny to look back on that stuff.
I've only visited once but it was amazing none the less. Jeremy and I went on a road trip at the end of February 2009 and were there for 2 wonderful days, the first of which was Mardi Gras!! Also, after Katrina I donated a TON of money...so much that it gives me stomach ache to think about ever having that much money to spare!

Here's my page and I've also included a few choice photos of our trip to NOLA. And believe me, I have plans to visit many more times! (not during Mardi Gras everytime)

The day before we were in Memphis and were literally 2 minutes late to Graceland to buy the tickets to get in. I was EXTREMELY upset but seeing this guy helped make up for it!

Yes, that is a 64 oz Miller Lite I'm sippin out of a straw...delish!

Handgrenades and Stogies. He got his handgrenade from the famous Old Absinthe House but no one ever tells you what's in them!

The second day we were there, along with getting tattoos we went to the Aquarium. We watched an awesome Imax movie with Tab Benoit (awesome blues musician) all about Katrina that was very gut wrenching. Not too much to prevent silly pictures though!

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