Jacob the Jellyfish

I bought the Jacob the Jellyfish pattern last week from EssHaych's etsy shop and I finally finished him tonight.
He's so cute and I can tell he already loves his new home hanging from my bathroom ceiling!

He matches the colors and theme I have going on in the bathroom. I'm going to make him a friend to hang around with that will be mostly yellow and some of the purple color.
The colors and theme are all based around my shower curtain which I made out of Heather Ross' "Kelp Forest" in Plum fabric.

It's such beautiful fabric (I want to make a skirt out of what's left) and I love that it's a sea theme but minus any fish or dolphins. I don't really like that fish/dolphin thing and I'm pretty sure that's only acceptable in a beach house or my father's house, haha!
When I look at the pictures of the original Jacob, the ruffles around the bottom are different. They look like they're up farther or something. I might have to go back and sew those ruffles up a bit, we'll see.
For now I love him!

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