Prompt 21

Journal Prompt 21: What is your most favorite quote? A quote that inspires you, or your mantra. Today is the day to share your inspiring words with your friends :)

I love this quote "el sueno de la razon produces monstruous". It's actually a title to one of Goya's sketches, it is plate 43 of the 80 etchings comprising the Los Caprichos series. It translates to "the sleep of reason produces monsters"
"It consists of a self-portrait of the artist with his head on a table, as owls and bats surround him, assailing him as he buries his head into his arms. Seemingly poised to attack the artist are owls (symbols of folly) and bats (symbols of ignorance).

The viewer might read this as a portrayal of what emerges when reason is suppressed and, therefore, as an espousal of Enlightenment ideals. However, it also can be interpreted as Goya's commitment to the creative process and the Romantic spirit—the unleashing of imagination, emotions, and even nightmares. Arguably the most famous plate of the series, it has gone on to become an iconic image, with its title often being quoted from Goya."

I interpret it as meaning that when you do not use your brain, bad shit will happen. Also, when you are not occupied, bad shit will happen. I'm a romantic and in the past I always followed what I thought was my heart even when my head was telling me not to and it never turned out well. Also, if I do not having something to occupy myself with or any kind of creative outlet, I tend to focus on the negative in life and end up in a downward spiral. I used to write when I was younger, I have 16 journals from the age of 16 to about 21 that are filled with just random crap from my day to day life. I no longer write but I have my arts and crafts to get me through the tough times. When I first saw this sketch and learned what the title translated to, I was instantly drawn to it. I had a print hanging in my bathroom in the West End Apt for the 3 1/2 years I was there. I have plans to get a tattoo symbolizing this, but that won't happen til I'm no longer a broke bastard.
This quote is very dear to me and I absolutely try to live by it. This is also where my love of owls and bats really started.

Here is the actual sketch.

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