Jellyfish # 2

So after making my first Jellyfish last week from EssHaych's sweet pattern, I needed another one! This one I did in a bright yellow and the berry color to match the color scheme in my bathroom.
I don't know a whole lot about yarn and every other time I've made something, I made sure to use the correct type and weight of yarn. This time, however I really just wanted a specific color and the one I found that was what I wanted happened to be Sport weight, instead of Worsted. Just looking at it, I didn't think it was much different from worsted. WELL obviously there is a difference because this guys head turned out much bigger than the first one. Not that it matters in this amigurumi pattern but I'm glad that I learned that. Now in case I'm making anything where it would matter, I'll be sure to get the right type and weight of yarn the pattern calls for!!
His head is also a little wonky but I still love him none the less.

Here are the two little guys hanging out in the corner of my bathroom. Aren't they cute together?!

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Amy said...

Oh, they're so cute!!
I've recently moved my little jellyfish and he now hangs between my dining room and living room. I like to think he protects the area and watches out for us. lol.