Missing Elvis Wednesday

Monday was the 33rd Anniversary of Elvis' death.
I am a huge Elvis fan. Not only is he dreamy as hell with that dyed black hair and those bedroom eyes, I love his music and his movies. I love that old Rock and Roll and Elvis definitely knew how to do it! I've been listening to Elvis at work and while at home all week and watching his movies. I also have a bunch of tapes of TV specials from 3 years ago when TV Land did a whole Month of Elvis in the August that was the 30th anniversary of his death.
I especially LOVE the '68 Comeback Special. Elvis in that leather...gets me everytime!! I also really love the 50's Elvis, in those suits and the black & white pictures and videos!
I have a few Elvis items around my house, a bunch of books, movies, mugs, tshirts, a cross stitch I did from a pattern I bought at Graceland, multiple Christmas ornaments, belt buckles, etc. But as I'm sure you can guess...it's never enough!!

Here are some awesome Elvis items I would love!

This sweet lunchbox that would replace mine in heart beat!

from RetroPlanet

This crazy carved egg would look pretty sweet on my tv stand...

from 1eggman

I would love to have this zombified Elvis bust in my apartment!!

from MissLuckyHellCatArt

I would definitely rock this purse!

from Giftapolis

I love this tank top with an image of Elvis from the '68 Comeback Special done by artist David Garibaldi.

from ShopElvis

And I would Take Care of Business all day if I had this necklace!!

also from ShopElvis

I have a hard enough time as it is getting up in the morning, I'm pretty sure I'd never leave my bed if this were my comforter and pillowcases!!

from BestPrice-BestChoice

This shirt is outstanding, just look at that face!

from BackStreetMerch

I've recently been thinking that I should get back into writing, it always helped clear my head and get through tough times. This would be the perfect one to start with!

from Entertainment Earth

I'm not really a fan of the sparkly jumpsuit era of Elvis. Not that he didn't still have an amazing voice (have you seen his last performace and he sings "Unchained Melody"?! OMG, chokes me up everytime!!) But this little lego guy is awesome!!

from ElvisNews

And last but not least, to just sum up my feelings for him...

from Cafepress

I wish I could have seen Elvis live, even just once. Until I get to heaven where I'm sure he's singing with the angels, my ipod, cds, tapes and dvds will have to suffice. He may have left the bulding, but he is certainly not forgotten!!


Amy said...

OMG. I love EVERYTHING about this post. Every time I scrolled down and saw something else amazing I literally said out loud, "OMG! Come look at this!"
I'm a HUUUUUUGE Elvis fan myself! My husband and I were actually married by Elvis. It was my dream wedding. That purse, I literally need it. I don't know that I can go on living without it. I mean, seriously.
And I have Elvis fabric that I think my mom sent me, and it's been sitting forever because I can't think of anything worthy enough to make with it. lol!

Jamie said...

OMG WERE YOU REALLY MARRIED BY ELVIS?!!? I have been saying for years that I want to be married by Elvis!! I have never heard anyone else say that!!!! My friends and I are going to Vegas in January and I keep telling them that they have to make sure I do not get drunk and get married by Elvis to a stranger because I really think I would do it, LMAO!!

Amy said...

Yes! We really did! You can even watch it. I highly recommend you watch it because it was seriously SOOOOO much fun, and hilarious.


It was the cheapest and the most fun wedding ever. I HIGHLY recommend getting married in Vegas by Elvis. LOL!