Saturday in Jersey

Saturday I spent in Jersey and it was oh so fun!
The day started off with jewelry making with Shannon. We went to BeadLuxe in Summit and spent a couple hours Oooing and Aahhing over all the lovely beads. Shannon made a really cute pair of hoop earrings and I made this beautiful necklace! I'm not sure what's on the pendant but I like to think they are tomatoes. It was really fun and the girl running the shop was so nice and helpful. I absolutely want to go back again some time. Maybe I'll make a bracelet next!

Then I had some time to kill before Liz got out of work so I went to Michaels to look for spray paint, which they didn't have, ugh! They have sooo many Halloween decorations out and I could barely contain myself. There is this amazing Halloween Village. It's like those Christmas Villages you see only it's haunted houses, a school for monsters, etc. One day I want a house with a fire place and a mantel and to have a Halloween Village on it!!

I also had to go on a hunt for Funfetti. Monday is my managers birthday and I volunteered to make cupcakes. I asked if everyone liked funfetti (who doesn't?!) so I have to deliver. The first grocery store had the chocolate funfetti cake mix but I prefer vanilla. They had funfetti brownies, cookies, even wanna be funfetti but not the vanilla funfetti cake mix, ugh! So I had to go to another grocery store. They had the vanilla funfetti but the sprinkles they had were the pastel colored ones in vanilla which was a bummer because I like the primary color dots ones, oh well!
So now I will be making funfetti cupcakes later today...maybe I'll post pictures if they're cute enough!

That night Liz, Kristin and I went to Rockaway to see my Dad's band, 2 Big 2 Fail play. It was a really good time and this was the first time they've played at this spot, The Exchange. It sounded really good, not too loud and no feedback. There were a lot of people at the bar and everyone was having a great time, I'm sure they'll be asked to come back.

Also, I was finally able to give my Dad his SUPER late Father's Day gift. I know he loved it, he even showed all the other band members which made me happy!


Trees said...

I love those bead shop/jewellery making places! I think it's just so awesome your Dad is in a band!

Please blog pictures of the cupcakes - I have no idea what funfetti is but with a name like funfetti it has to be awesome ^^


Jamie said...

it was alot of fun going jewelry making, i've never been in a place like that.
it is pretty awesome having a dad in a band!!
I blogged about the cupcakes. Funfetti is by Pillsbury, it's very colorful and there are sprinkles in the cake mix and they just taste soooo good!!