A few months ago I bought myself a Topsy Turvy with the intention to grow myself tomatoes. I loooove tomatoes, I seriously try to put them in everything I eat. When I first bought it, it was too early to plant but I did anyway because I didn't even think about the weather, I just wanted tomatoes =/
Jessie gave me a tomato plant that she grew and I hung the little guy outside. Well, then we had some frosts and it died. Needless to say, Jessie was pissed and so was I.
Last month my mom gave me two topsy turvys with plants in them and I gave her my dead one. One of the plants started out really well and is now bloomin' away. The other one however, died too.
I've been checking every day to see how the tomatoes are doing. I had 2 green ones for what feels life forever...but as of yesterday, there are more!!

Here are the original tomatoes, aren't they cute?!

These are the new babies!!

As I was walking out onto the fire escape, I saw the other topsy turvy that's been dead had leaves popping out the top!! (Yes, I let a dead topsy turvy hang out there like some kind of corpse!)

I looked inside hoping it'd be more tomatoes but I can't tell if the leaves are the same as the tomato ones or if it's just weeds. I guess all the rain has kept this one going even though I haven't watered it since it died. I'm going to start to water and feed this one and see what happens.

I can't wait til the tomatoes are ripe and red and I can eat them!

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