It Smells like Cupcakes

My apartment smells so delicious!!

I haven't baked in sooo long. The last thing I made was a chainsaw and bloody foot cake for my ex boyfriend over 3 years ago. You can see it here if you want to.

I have a serious sweet tooth and I think that is one of the main reasons I don't bake. If I did, I would be eating crap all the time!! It sucks that Jeremy doesn't like sweets, otherwise I'd bake him cookies and cakes and pies and what not all the time.
Tonight I made funfetti cupcakes for my manager's birthday tomorrow. I was shocked at what a small amount of sprinkles come with the icing. So I have 6 cupcakes without sprinkles. Next time, I am going to buy a whole extra thing of sprinkles!!
I'm very proud of myself for not eating one of these cute little guys!! That's not to say I didn't eat plenty of the batter or left over icing =)

Ready to be cooked!!

I love to see all the colors in the cake after they're baked!

All Iced, Sprinkled and ready to be eaten!

I hope my manager likes funfetti, she has no clue we all even know it's her birthday let alone that we are bringing in food!!


Amy said...

I have a very strong love for cupcakes. Like, I truly love them. I actually made funfetti cupcakes last week. I was soooo disappointed by the sprinkles as well! I went out the next day to get sprinkles. Plus, you can buy all kinds of fun sprinkles too, and chances are, they're a lot prettier than the sprinkles that come with the cupcakes. :)

Jamie said...

I don't have a car at the moment otherwise I would have gone out for sprinkles too!! I usually make stuff like artichoke or spinach dip when we bring stuff in at work. I really like baking so I might start doing cupcakes or brownies or something more often!

Trees said...

These look tasty! Man I miss cooking:(