Prompt 27

Holy crap I just realized there's only 3 prompts left for this Journal Challenge!!

Journal Prompt 27: If you could change one thing, what would it be. This could be something about yourself, your situation, your city, your country, the world...anything!!

Well I've been saying for the last couple months that I really need to stop letting things get me down so badly. Everything happens for a reason and sometimes things DON'T happen for a reason. A lot of crap has been going on that has been upsetting me and I really have just been a huge grump and negative nancy about it all. If I had cake at every pity party I've had, I'd weigh about 500 pounds!
I actually just had a conversation with Jeremy today about how all this crap seems to be happening at once and I'm really letting it get the best of me.
I recently read a very awesome post over on Faster KittyKill! Blog! Blog! about having pity parties. She reminded me that everyone has to have downs in order to appreciate the ups, when life seems to be punching me down, I need to remember to punch back!!
So if I could change one thing right now, I would change my attitude. I need to be more positive, look at everything as a learning experience and take something from it to make me stronger. I do know that what doesn't kill me will make me stronger, but that doesn't mean it won't suck along the way.
I've gone through WAY worse things, actual physical things so...not being able to go to school, or have a car or have enough money...really don't mean shit. I'm alive, I can walk, I have an amazing family, the best circle of friends I could have ever hoped for and the love of my life. I have some pretty awesome talents as far as my crafts and I am about to undertake a big step in my life (this will be discussed later).
I just have to remember all those good things! And as for all the not so good things...I need to either take steps to change them or realize I can not control everything and let things roll off my back.

This prompt really came at the right moment!!

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