Wanna Make Wednesday

So this week I have had Fall on the brain alot. It started at the Haskell on Sunday and everyone discussing Halloween costumes. I have a few ideas roamin around in my head but nothing is definite yet. Then the coffee at work on Monday was Cinnamon Sticky Bun and it smelled just like Autumn. Today I discovered that I have 9 days left that I can take off this year, not including holidays. I had the brilliant idea that Jeremy and I should take a long weekend in October and go to Salem, MA for some serious Fall Activities!
I asked if he would be interested in going and he said he would but I would have to pick either going to Salem or getting my birthday gift.
Back Story: My birthday is September 28 and Jeremy already has my gift, or at least knows what he's getting me. Which was a pleasant suprise to me when I found out because he's always asking what to get me when it comes to Christmas, Birthdays, etc. and I don't want to tell him. So...he said the gift is so good I "might cry", Jessie agreed with this statement and Liz said I'm going to "looooove it".
So of course I picked my birthday present, Salem will be there next year!

Anyway...Fall and Halloween have been on my brain and I want to start making some stuff for my apartment for the season and I found some great stuff over on Etsy. When I searched "Halloween Pattern" on Etsy I found so many amazing things!!

First off, I had no idea that people made these Primitive dolls. Alot of them are very Country-ish which remind me of my ex's mother's house, she had that whole "Country Cluture" thing going on. Some of these are very creepy though and kind of remind me of a Tim Burton movie. I like these ones and now HAVE to make one.

This Raven is absolutely amazing!

from The Goode Wife of Washington County

I definitely need these bats on my tv stand in the worst way!

made by Homespun Heart Primitives

I also love these 3 Ghosts with the tombstone rubbings on them.

from Sassafras Hill Primitives

I can already see this Haunted House cross stitch hanging in my apartment. I would love to see it on some old faded aida (cross stitch fabric).

from Bella Stitchery (Who also made that sweet Owl cross stitch from last week)

This crocheted skull is absolutely amazing!! It looks pretty advanced for my basic crocheting skills but it's definitely something to strive for!

from the Design Shop

And last but not least, who doesn't need severed fingers laying around the house?! I know I do!!

from CrochetSal

I can't believe it's already August BUT I still can't wait for Fall. It's my favorite time of year!! Hoodies, leaves changing, my birthday, haunted houses, bon fires and Halloween!! What's not to love?!


Amy said...

I"m constantly asking people when it's going to get cooler out. I LOOOOOVE Fall too! And I notice my crafting change according to the seasons as well. lol.
I love the bats too!

Knickertwist said...

The bats and ghosts are wonderful! I just might have to have to start the Halloweening myself.