Wishlist Wednesday...wait isn't today...??

I realize today is Friday but I’ve been working 12 hour days this whole week. I sit at a computer all day at work so when I get home and only have 2 hours to eat, unwind and then go to sleep, the last thing I want to do is go back on a computer LOL!!
So here is my Wishlist that should have been up on Wednesday.
Everything this week is from Etsy. I spent a lot of time milling around in the Etsy Treasury lists and found so many lovely things I’d love to have!

This bracelet is amazing!! I love all the things out there with zippers as accents now; I have a few shirts but I want more! I would so rock this bracelet!!

From Reborne Jewelry's shop

This t-shirt is way too cute and something I NEED!

From Sew to Speak’s shop

I love plaid…A LOT! And I also need a new thermos because the travel mug I had, I microwaved and it kinda melted =/
This would be beyond perfect to bring my coffee in to work every morning!

From SimplySuzula’s shop

Zombie on a bike…come on, it screams awesome!! Not to mention the detail in the graphic is insane, look at that hand reaching to rip your brain out!!

From Dark Cycle Clothing’s shop

I don’t really get down on fancy or smelly soap. I have really sensitive skin and allergies so I just stick to good old St. Ives but this is way too freaking adorable. I might have to get some of these as gifts for others =P

From SoFino’s shop

There’s something about this skeleton key with the bow that I just love!

From SachaKimmes’ shop

This little dish is so beautiful! I would love to keep little trinkets in it or even the jewelry I wear everyday when I take it off at night.

From Beggar’s Tomb Pottery’s shop

This vintage tray is so pretty. I would definitely use it to bring all the goodies and drinks out on when I host our Book Club meetings!

From Haven Vintage’s shop

This copper wire spider web and spider are so SO pretty! It would look so great hanging in a corner of one of the nooks in my apartment.

From Spiderwood Hollow’s shop

This necklace is absolutely stunning! I have no other words for it other than I WANT it!!

From White Owl’s shop

I hope everyone is having a good week!

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