Domestic Kitties

I found these embroidery patterns at Joanns soooo long ago and I bought them with the idea of making a few of them for Jessie. She loves cute animals and she loves cats even more so...it only made sense! I started these cats freaking months ago, at least over 6 months ago because we were still living together!
She randomly would ask about them and jokingly ask how they're coming along since she could see all the other projects I was starting and finishing.
I'm giving her 3 of them to hang in her kitchen, I finished two of them last night finally!!
The actual cats have been embroidered for a while now, I just really wanted to add borders because they were too plain looking but never got around to it.

Kittie Cooking! I really love the border I did on this one, I just repeated the design of the little flowers on the apron.

Kittie Sweeping! This border I got the idea for from the detail on the broom. This was also the first time I did french knots, they aren't perfect but I like them just the same.

I know the pictures are kind of dark but I took them at 11:00 last night and the flash was washing them out too much. These at least show the true colors but I am going to try and take pictures of my projects during the day from now on, sunlight makes everything look better!
There's one more kittie to finish, he's about 75% done...let's see how long it takes to get him finished =P


Rachele said...

Omg those are adorable! I like the border you added too. Hey I'm an office worker by day too :) not much of a superhero like you though.

Jamie said...

thanks! my sister loves them and theyre already hanging up in her kitchen LOL