Wishlist Wednesday

Yesterday I was looking around for fabric for an apron my sister has requested as her Christmas Present. I found so many amazing Halloween fabrics that I wish I could have...although I have no idea what I would do with most of them!

Ooo purple spiderwebs...

Love these eyes!

Creepy crawly spiders!!

Bat Attack!

All kinds of Halloween Goodness!

Spiraly Spiderwebs!

Hearses...need I say more?!


Lovely Haunted Mansion!

Spooky Woods!

These can all be found on either Fabric.com or BugFabric.com

Happy September Everybody!!


Amy said...

Ugh. This is putting me even further into the Halloween slump. I've been so anxious for halloween this year!!!
The spiders and the hearses are seriously amazing! I think I might need them!

Jamie said...

I can't wait for halloween either, I've been talking about it since July LOL