Fill in the Blank Friday

I started following another blog that does this cute little Fill in the Blank Friday thing. It kind of reminds me of those Myspace surveys, remember those? Ugh! I probably won't do them all, just the ones I like.
This one is travel themed and traveling i LOVE so here we go...

1. If I didn't have to work anymore I would...stay home and craft my ass off and try my hand at selling some of those crafts. Also, I'd cook and bake alot more.

2. My favorite thing about a vacation is...seeing new places, meeting new people and realizing that there is so much more to this world than I ever remember when wrapped up in my own life at home!

3. When packing for a trip I...take pretty much my entire bathroom minus the toilet, sink and shower. I also make a massive list so I don't forget anything!

4. If I could go on a road trip with anyone (dead OR alive) I would choose...well I've been on two with my BFF Liz and one with Jeremy so another one I would love to go on with my Aunt Stephanie. She lives in Denver (very far from me) and whenever I talk to her, I realize how much we are alike and I feel I have alot I could learn from her. Plus we'd have a freaking blast together!!

5. My top 3 absolute travel essentials are...music, my camera and tissues. I never know when my allergies may attack me and I need to be prepared!! Snot really can ruin a good time!

6. Vacations are...essential to life and I feel sorry for people who don't go on them.

7. On vacation you must always...eat at little ma & pa places, never eat at chain restaurants, buy lots of souveniors and take more pictures than necessary.

Man I'm in need of a Vacay now!!

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Nicole Bingham said...

When packing for a trip I too take everything in the bathroom but the toilet, a little crazy, but I never forget anything! I'm your newest follower, please follow me back @ www.romanianprincess.com

Thanks, Nicole Mariana