Liz's Birthday Present's

So I had been working on these for a couple weeks now but I couldn't post anything because Liz is a total stalker and would definitely read about it before I gave these to her!!

I made her this lovely little cross stitch sentiment. I know for myself that when people can't pronounce words correctly it drives me up a wall!!

And I crocheted her Master Fece.
The Urban Dictionary defines a Masterfece as a particulary large and shapely piece of poop. "Did you see what I dropped off earlier today? Man, I tell you what, it was a masterfece"
Most people probably find this ridiculous but Liz and I discuss our bowels often. It's hilarious. So I saw a pattern for this guy on Ravelry and HAD to make him for her. However, I didn't have the right kind of yarn so he turned out about twice as big!! Here he is in his home away from home =D

Then, I decided that he needed a name tag.

Probably the most ridiculous birthday present I could ever make for someone but thank God Liz gets my sense of humor!!

Happy Birthday Liz, you are the greatest best friend in the whole world and I love you to pieces!!


Amy said...

Haha!!! This is awesome!!! I love all of it. It's a perfect birthday present. :)

Trees said...

These are so awesome! I'd be SO happy if a friend gave me these for my birthday.


Liz said...

I definitely loved these prezzies!!!! I really like the expression on Master Fece, he brings a little bit more joy to my bathroom. I'm so lucky to have such a crafty bitch as my BFF!!!!