Wanna Make Wednesday

Well I have a few things on my plate to make at the moment. Mostly birthday gifts and a few WIPs.
A list of things I want to make after all those are done wouldn't hurt though =P

There are a few things I want to make some special people as big Thank Yous for all they do for me!
First is for my Mom, I already have the yarn. Now I just have to wait to get paid next week to buy this pattern.

from Lucy Ravenscar

I want to make these fishing lures for Jeremy. I am thinking all Pabst caps or maybe some Sam Adams ones (those are his two favorite beers).

made by Alexus1325

I saw this pattern and thought it was so funny! I'm not going to make it for my Dad because A. What would he do with it? and B. The dog would probably eat it but...its still cute!

from SkyMagenta

I don't have kids but holy crap as soon as I do, I am making one of these!!

from InnerHooker

OMG and as soon as Jessie has a kid, I'm making it this Racoon Hat!!

also from InnerHooker

I might have to learn to knit just so I could make myself this spider hat!! It's shown on a kid but it says it's all sizes!

from TotToppers

These crochet gourds are freaking adorable!!

from Eternal Sunshine

I LOVE this!! I'm very sad it's sold though =(

from Arte Sanity

That's all for this week!

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