Tomatoes Update

So just over a month ago I posted about my Topsy Turvy and how excited I was to have tomatoes finally growing.
Well a couple weeks afterward there was a huge incident!!
I think I've said it before, I live on the 3rd floor of a row home and do not have a real deck. I have a fire escape off the back of the house, I have the topsy turvy's hanging there. WELL...being on the 3rd floor in the middle of a block of row homes, it can get VERY windy back there. The wind just whips straight across all the roofs and my poor topsy turvy is just hanging there in the middle of it!! Apparently I didn't have them hanging up well enough because one day I got home from work and they had fell down!!
I lost 6 tomatoes that day, I almost cried.
Jeremy helped me hang them back up but I was so upset, I almost gave up. It took a little while for anymore tomatoes to grow again but I counted last night and I have 11 on there!!
I was complaining this past weekend that all the big ones were just staying green and then I noticed one was getting a bit orangish!!
So Wednesday was another insanely windy day. All day at work I was thinking about my poor tomatoes up there blowing away, I got home and sure enough the damn things had fell down again!!! I only lost one tomato that day so it was ok.
Last night I took my first bright red tomato off the vine! I'm so excited to eat it!!

These pictures were all taken within seconds of each other, it's so weird how the flash made it look like it was freaking midnight outside!! I kinda like how the second one is all blurry. Reminds me of my sisters old camera. It was a little crappy and at parties you could tell how far into the night pictures were being taken, it was like the camera got drunk along with us because pictures would get blurrier and blurrier.

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