More Tomato Updates!!

I may be a complete nerd but every day I get home, I put my purse down, take off my shoes and go open the curtain on my fire escape to check my topsy turvy. My last update said that I had 11 more tomatoes growing...
WELL...I counted again and there are 27!!!! I missed a whole slew of them hidden on the bottom by all the big leaves. I also got a second red one off the vine and hopefully when I get home today the orangey one on there will be nice and ripe!!

Here are some pictures of the second ripe tomato I got AND of all the little babies hiding all over the place. The leaves are so big and fluffy, you gotta move them out of the way to see them all!

Here's a few glamour shots of tomato #2!

Look at all these babies!!

I made stuffed peppers last night and added the two tomatoes. You couldn't taste them in all the meat, peppers and canned tomatoes BUT we took little bites before I added them in the pan and Jeremy and I both agreed that they have a ton more flavor than the tomatoes from the store =D

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Knickertwist said...

I think your enthusiasm for your harvest is absolutely adorable (and totally deserved!). Well done :)