Christmas Decoration Supplies

A couple weeks ago Jessie and I decided that we need to get together to separate out all of our Christmas decorations. She took everything when she moved (from our apartment that we shared for 3 1/2 years) because we figured it'd be easier to deal with later!
I really want to make a lot of my decorations this year and she likes to craft some things too. We are going to get together tomorrow at her new apartment, separate our old decorations and make some new ones!
Tuesday night we went to Joanns with a full list of supplies we needed and lots of coupons! I am definitly making a bunting for myself this year, we are both making a few different types of paper snowflakes and felt snowflakes. I am also making felt ornaments and crocheted icicle ornaments. Jessie is going to paint glass ornaments too.
Here are a few gratuitous shots of some of the craft supplies we bought.

These fabrics are all so pretty, I can't wait to make the bunting!!

And just so you can see the sparklyness off this yarn...

I'll of course post the finished products after Craft Day!! I cant wait!



Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I will be at my Dad's house eating my step mother's delicious home cooked Thanksgiving dinner!!
I am thankful for so many, many things...

I have the most amazing friends and famiy who are always there for me and I know I can count on whenever I need them.
I am thankful for Jeremy who is the most supportive, hilarious and inspiring boyfriend I could ever hope for.
I am thankful for Liz who just lets me bitch when I need to and is always pushing me to succeed when all I want to do is give up. She is the best friend anyone could ever have and I am so glad she's all mine!
I am thankful for my Dad, Mom and sister Jessie. They are there for me whenever I need them and I know I can count on them in even the worst situations.
I am thankful that I am alive, I can walk and that I have learned how to appreciate my life all because of that one left turn.
I am thankful for my job.
I am thankful for my adorable little apartment.
I am thankful for my sweet, sweet car that I would not have if it wasn't for all the amazing people in my life who love me!
I am thankful for my crafting abilitites.
I am thankful that I can pay all my bills on my own.
I am thankful that I have food on my table everyday and a roof over my head.

There are so many things I am thankful for and I try to remember them everyday!
Have a wonderful Turkey Day Everyone!!



Another Xstitch Update

Last night I went shopping with Jessie so I didn't get home til kind of late. I was able to work on the giant xstitch for a little while though.
Here is how it is coming together now with the little bits I worked on Monday and Tuesday nights. It's so annoying how it doesn't look like much! The middle shade of pink is the one I've been working on. I like to do an entire color before moving on to a new one.
I actually feel like I am going to get this done soon! Last night was the first time that I actually "saw" the finish line. All the other times I've worked on it, I felt like it was never ending!!
Sorry for such a dark picture, the flash was washing it out too much.



Crocheted Snowflakes

So last night Jeremy came over to watch The Walking Dead and eat dinner with me. His friend who is taping The Walking Dead for us gave him the wrong tape and we ended up watching a couple hours of WWII in HD instead. I was bummed about no zombies but I do like watching all that WWII stuff. It's amazing how much more I know about that war from watching the History channel than from my Social Studies classes in school.
Since he was over, I couldn't work on the cross stitch so I whipped up these two snowflakes. I got the pattern from over on Heart Handmade. They were so quick and easy and the spray startch I bought to stiffen them smelled just like my Nana =*(
It made me a little nostalgic and I got a bit choked up thinking about Nana but I think she would love that I thought of her while crocheting these little guys. I didn't stretch mine out as far as the ones in the pattern looked. I plan to make a lot more and I am going to crochet them looser so they stretch out more.

I left my camera at work so I only have a phone picture =/

I worked on the cross stich for about an hour after Jeremy left and before I went to bed but the progress was not very significant so I didn't bother taking a picture.

Ps - This is my 100th post!!



Quick Update...

One awesome thing about having this blog, it totally motivates me to complete things so that I have stuff to post!
My goal right now is to have this ginormous Xstich for Jeremy finished by Thanksgiving. It's a lofty goal but I think if I try my hardest, I can get it done.
I only worked on this yesterday, off and on almost all day and this is how much I got done.

Just the light pink parts within the lower left corner are what I got done yesterday.
(That's a 50 x 50 space, it's amazing how many stitches it DOESN'T look like it is!!)



Sneek Peak!

I started a MASSIVE cross stitch last year about this time with the intentions of giving it to Jeremy for Christmas. I obviously didn't finish it. Then, I thought I could finish it for his birthday last year (in February). Again, I obviously didn't finish it. I kind of put it down after his birthday because I was so incredibly sick of looking at it and the color pink!!
Over the last few months I would pick it up once in a while and stitch a bit but never a significant amount.
I am officially 3/4 of the way done with it. The last 1/4 I just finished took the absolute longest because of all the color changes.
I am DETERMINED to finish this thing to give to Jeremy this Christmas. I think I can do it.
Also a side note, I've only been doing half stiches, just / instead of a full X. I think if I hadn't made that decision way in the beginning, the thing would already be in the trash!!

So for now...just so every one knows I am still crafting my pants off even though I haven't completed anything in a while, I want to give a sneak peek. A teaser if you will, of this big ass cross stitch!

Any guesses what it is?!



Fanciest Spider Web EVER!

Over in my i heart fall class I won a giveaway!! The lovely Janel took doilys, put them in an embroidery hoop and added a little spider. Boom...cutest and fanciest spider web I've ever seen. This was the giveaway I wanted to win the most and I was soo soooo happy to learn that I did. I receieved this adorable guy in the mail yesterday (I looove getting mail) and immediately found a new home for him.
I think this is the cutest idea. This year at the VNA Sale, there was a whole pile of doilys that I was looking at but put back because I thought to myself "What are you gonna do with these, they're just going to collect dust?!" Needless to say I am kicking myself for not buying at least 2 or 3. Next year I want to make a whole bunch of these to hang around for Halloween!

In his new home...

I wish Halloween wasn't over =(



So I know it hasn't even been Thanksgiving yet but I am already thinking of ways to decorate my cute little studio apartment for Christmas. Of course I want to make everything so I guess that's why I am looking at things already!

Right now I am loving buntings! I had never even heard of or seen a bunting until I started blogging, everybody has them. I totally see why, they are ADORABLE! I have this big blank wall in my apartment that a holiday bunting would look perfect on. Now I'm just waiting for a coupon to Joanns so I can stock up on some holiday fabrics to make my own.

These are all the ones I have been inspired by...

found Here

found Here

found Here

found Here

found Here

found Here

Aren't these all just so cute?! Have you made any of your own buntings? They look pretty easy, I think I could make one or two in an afternoon. Now I can't wait for that coupon!!

I wanna win!

So I know I haven't posted in a while. I've been working on this MASSIVE cross stitch for Jeremy so I haven't compelted anything in a while.
Over on The Dainty Squid's blog she is having a giveaway from Omerica Organic. I looove this company, their plugs are all soo beautiful!


i heart fall Journal Prompts 20-22

I did 3 more pages last night!! And I painted 3 others to use for future prompts.

Journal Prompt-Dia de los Muertos
"To celebrate dia de los Muertos, today I would like you to pay homage to any of your loved ones who have passed away. It seems like a sad prompt but it's actually a great way to celebrate their life and to take one day to remember them and all of the wonderful things that they brought into this world while they were here :)"
I miss all my grandparents so much =*(

Journal Prompt-List of Recipes
"Today I would like for you to create a page where you can document all of the new recipes you have tried this fall. If you haven't tried any yet, maybe you can make a page for ones that you would like to try out in the future."
These are not recipes from all the recipes prompts the rest of the class did, these are just new recipes I happened to try on my own this Fall.

Journal Prompt- Create your own Spooky/Cute Creature!
"Create a cute/spooky monster in honor of the fall festivities ahead :) Get creative, use new materials, take a picture of your creation or just draw one instead!"
I painted this page before I knew what I would do with it and I think it came out so cute!

I'm really loving doing more than one page a night!


i heart fall Journal Prompts 15 - 19

I blasted through 5 more journal pages last night! I kind of like doing a few pages at once, I feel really accomplished (even though I'm totally behind) and I get more and more creative with each page.

Journal Prompt-Today I...
"This page is all about what you did today. It doesn't have to be anything fall themed or related, just a little documentation of what you did today!"
Nothing too exciting, work, grocery shopping and cooking.

Journal Prompt-Found items...
"Today I would like you to collect at least five found items. These can be anything just lying around in front of you at the moment, or materials you have been saving for something but you just don't know what...anything.
I want you to create a page, just using those things that you have found. They don't have to have a theme, or anything, just randomness. For the prompt, you can write about whatever is on your mind at that moment too!!"
I found all this stuff in my craft area, I've had this jelly fish picture for yeeearrs. I took it at the Adventure Aquarium like 5 years ago! Everyone at my job just found out 2 weeks ago that we lost the contract with the company we take calls for and will be out of jobs soon...no clue when though =(

Journal Prompt-Fall Crafts....
"What are some crafts that instantly make you think of the autumn season. They could be holiday crafts, seasonal crafts, cooler weather crafts, anything!!!"
I mostly think of warm yarn and halloween decorations.

Journal Prompt - Extra Prompts...
"Document what you look like and what you are interested in during this season of your life."
I'm always in skinny jeans, a top, cardigan and flats these days. I've been dyeing my hair colors again and trying to wear more earrings. My ears are stretched and I always just wear steel tunnels or black plugs, so boring considering how much other jewelry I wear and all the fun earrings out there! Plus I paint my nails a lot, but I always have.

Journal Prompt-Things I have made...
"What crafts have you created so far this season? There are so many things to be made, and this page is THE PLACE to document everything that you have made thus far :)"
Lots of crocheting this season! This is my favorite page right now!

Phew got a lot done last night. I don't know if I'll get any done tonight but definitely tomorrow!



The lovely Nicole saw my post about the Zombie Heart I crocheted for Jeremy last week and I had also posted a picture of an embroidery I did for him last year for his birthday. Now that I think about it, that was actually almost two years ago! His birthday is in February...anyway...she liked it so much she asked if she could feature it on her blog!
I of course felt so special and said yes!! Go check it out! She also is doing a free journal class that you can join, all things to be thankful for this month in the spirit of Thanksgiving!

Thanks Nicole!!


i heart fall Prompts 11 - 14

I've been slacking hardcore on the i heart fall journal class. I really hated my last journal page and so I had a sour taste about the whole thing in my mouth. Last night I got really inspired and banged out 4 pages!

Journal Prompt-magical...
"The best word to describe fall for me is "magical." There are so many magical aspects of the season ;) This page is all about the magic of it all!! What are some other things that are magical to you?"

This picture is of a wall in Minneapolis I took a few years ago while on a road trip with Liz. It was this giant brick wall covered in awesome graffiti.

Journal Prompt- Favorite Fall Traditions
What are your favorite fall traditions? What are some things that you do or create each time fall rolls around. Are there places that you go with your family?
Tell us about them. Document them for your family!!

Journal Prompt - Halloween Costume Ideas!
What are your plans for dressing up this year? Who or what do you plan on being?? Document any costume ideas that you have for you and your family members :)


Journal Prompt- Fall Playlist
Today I would like for you to create your perfect fall playlist :) What tunes are currently listening to this season? I think this one will be really fun to look back on someday! Also, try using a new medium on your journal page today!!


An Award for Lil' Ol' Me?!

Last week the lovely Charity from over in A Lovely Little World passed the Versatile Blogger Award on to me. I was soo happy and felt so special that someone I've never met could like my blog so much =)
I mostly just started this blog to document all the different crafts along with other randomness of my life and never really expected anyone except my friends or family to read it. Now I have followers that I've never met from all over the country, it's pretty awesome!
Compared to other peoples Reading Lists, I apparently don't follow that many blogs, sheesh!
A few of the others I was going to pass this award on too already have gotten it =/ so I've had a hard time coming up with 7...so lame I realize!

To accept the Versatile Blogger Award the rules are:
1. Thank and link back to who gave you the award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass it along to 7 blogs you've recently discovered and enjoy
4. Leave your recipients a note, telling them about the award.

So here are 7 things about myself that you may or may not know...

1. I am in a book club with my very best friend Liz and 3 of my closest friends, Shannon, Kristin and Jess. We've had a few other members here and there but us 5 are the core members and this coming February will be our 5 year anniversary so we are going to Vegas to celebrate!!!

2. I have a pet snake named Seraphim. I've had her for almost 11 years now. She is a Snow Cornsnake and I bought her my junior year of high school after standing in line for Tool tickets which sold out when I was second in line. I was so upset and had that money burning a hole in my pocket so I went and bought her.

3. My love for "I Love Lucy" started after my parents divorced. My Dad remarried and it was very weird for my sister and I to move into another house and go visit another family (we would stay at my step mothers sisters house on the weekends to take care of their sick mother). We would lay awake most nights watching Nick at Nite and I Love Lucy became a huge comfort for the two of us.

4. My love for all things scary and horror definitely started as a kid with "Are You Affraid of the Dark?" and R.L. Stein's Goosebumps. Saturday nights at my Dad's house, Jessie and I would watch Snick (and then Nick at Nite obviously) and I've read sooo many of the Goosebumps. I would always get yelled at for reading into the wee hours of the night and then being too tired for school in the morning!

5. I was in a really shitty car accident 2 1/2 years ago that definitely changed the way I think about life now. I broke my pelvis in 3 places, broke my ankle, "degloved" my heel and messed up my eye. I was in ICU for 2 days, the regular hospital for 6 days and then rehab for 8 days. I had an external fixator attached to my hips for 6 weeks and couldn't walk for over 4 months. I still have a screw in my ankle and lots of nasty scars all over my hips. I learned a lot about how much friends and family can help get you through the worst situations and to never take them for granted. I learned that we aren't gauranteed tomorrow and we need to live each day to the fullest and appreciate every god damn breath you take! I am thankful every day that I am alive, I can walk and nothing can hold me back!

6. I have a ton of freckles that my Nana told me were kisses from the Sun. I miss her so much.

7. I live in a teeny tiny studio apartment but I absolutely love it. It's two rooms - Dining Room/Kitchen which is really my Craft Room/Kitchen and then the Living Room/Bedroom and the bathroom and a closet in the middle. I have a fire escape that I treat like a deck and besides my noisy neighborhood, I love it!

Now let's get to the blogs I would like to pass this award on to...
1. Diary of a Hooker
2. Saltwater Acorns
3. Faster Kittykill! Blog! Blog!
4. Knickertwist's
5. I Only Like Monsters
6. You Will, Won't You
7. The Dainty Squid

I'm really glad I started this blog, I've met so many other awesome and crafty ladies and it keeps me motivated to keep making things and craft a little every day!


Anniversary Present

Today is 2 years that Jeremy and I have been together. We met on Oct. 3 2008 but it wasn't "official" until November 1st. Nothing fancy happened, he just dropped the BF-bomb on me.
My apartment complex put up new signs in the parking lot that said "Tenant Parking Only" As we parked and he saw this sign he said "Well I need a sign that says "boyfriend" of tenant parking"" And that was that. So cute!
We don't really do the mushy, romantic thing. We didn't do anything last year for our anniversary or even Valentine's Day. This year I decided that I wanted to make him a little something just because. Of course I thought of this idea Thursday night while laying in bed trying to fall asleep. With overtime and Halloween parties this weekend, I wasn't sure if I'd get it done in time. I hunkered down yesterday, had a horror movie marathon and whipped this guy up!
I'm pretty proud of myself, I found this pattern for a heart and decided I would just wing the eyes. I wanted one bigger and one smaller, give it that zombie feel LOL
I've made Jeremy a few Zombie/Love things in the past, that's how I got this idea. For his birthday last year I made him this embroidery.

This is what I made him this year for our Anniversary.

I definitely stole the way AmyDice makes her little guys look like zombies with the blood coming out of their mouths. I hope you don't mind Amy!!
I can't wait to give this to him tonight!


I freaking love Halloween!! Seriously, it's my all time favorite holiday and I take it very seriously. Last year I was little dead riding hood and taught myself how to use latex, tissue, face paint and fake blood to create wounds on my face, chest and arm. It was so incredibly fun to do!
So this year I knew I wanted something that I could use this same technique for again.
Freddy Krueger!!! His are burns though so I got to use different colors which was fun.
I had two parties this year to sport this sweet, sweet costume at.
The first was one my sister threw but I was NOT happy with my make up that night. I had a bottle of latex, unopened still in the cardboard and plastic too from last year. But it was almost all dried out so it was a real bastard trying to apply it over the tissue and then paint on top of it. And of course I didn't open it until it was waaaay to late to try and get into one of the costume shops. It kept peeling off, ugh!!
Luckily there weren't many pictures that night, I don't have any.
The second party was at Shannon and JP's house. I bought a new bottle of latex and am really happy with how my face turned out!
These are the supplies I used.

Here is how it looked afterward, I'm so pleased with it!!

Jeremy went as one of my victims so he just wore PJ pants and I slashed up a shirt for him and made it bloody.

Shannon made a scavenger hunt for everyone to do which was so fun!
"Act out a scary movie" (I hate this picture ps)

"Kiss the White Beast"

And heres some more pictures from the night.
All us ladies!

Freddy, Lady Luck and Michael Phelps.

Just so you can understand the size of this costume, JP is normally 6'9" and Jeremy is 6'4". JP has stilts that make him a foot taller, he's one of the Knights who say Ni...gigantic!

I had such a fun Halloween, I can't wait til next year!!