i heart fall Journal Prompts 20-22

I did 3 more pages last night!! And I painted 3 others to use for future prompts.

Journal Prompt-Dia de los Muertos
"To celebrate dia de los Muertos, today I would like you to pay homage to any of your loved ones who have passed away. It seems like a sad prompt but it's actually a great way to celebrate their life and to take one day to remember them and all of the wonderful things that they brought into this world while they were here :)"
I miss all my grandparents so much =*(

Journal Prompt-List of Recipes
"Today I would like for you to create a page where you can document all of the new recipes you have tried this fall. If you haven't tried any yet, maybe you can make a page for ones that you would like to try out in the future."
These are not recipes from all the recipes prompts the rest of the class did, these are just new recipes I happened to try on my own this Fall.

Journal Prompt- Create your own Spooky/Cute Creature!
"Create a cute/spooky monster in honor of the fall festivities ahead :) Get creative, use new materials, take a picture of your creation or just draw one instead!"
I painted this page before I knew what I would do with it and I think it came out so cute!

I'm really loving doing more than one page a night!

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