i heart fall Journal Prompts 15 - 19

I blasted through 5 more journal pages last night! I kind of like doing a few pages at once, I feel really accomplished (even though I'm totally behind) and I get more and more creative with each page.

Journal Prompt-Today I...
"This page is all about what you did today. It doesn't have to be anything fall themed or related, just a little documentation of what you did today!"
Nothing too exciting, work, grocery shopping and cooking.

Journal Prompt-Found items...
"Today I would like you to collect at least five found items. These can be anything just lying around in front of you at the moment, or materials you have been saving for something but you just don't know what...anything.
I want you to create a page, just using those things that you have found. They don't have to have a theme, or anything, just randomness. For the prompt, you can write about whatever is on your mind at that moment too!!"
I found all this stuff in my craft area, I've had this jelly fish picture for yeeearrs. I took it at the Adventure Aquarium like 5 years ago! Everyone at my job just found out 2 weeks ago that we lost the contract with the company we take calls for and will be out of jobs soon...no clue when though =(

Journal Prompt-Fall Crafts....
"What are some crafts that instantly make you think of the autumn season. They could be holiday crafts, seasonal crafts, cooler weather crafts, anything!!!"
I mostly think of warm yarn and halloween decorations.

Journal Prompt - Extra Prompts...
"Document what you look like and what you are interested in during this season of your life."
I'm always in skinny jeans, a top, cardigan and flats these days. I've been dyeing my hair colors again and trying to wear more earrings. My ears are stretched and I always just wear steel tunnels or black plugs, so boring considering how much other jewelry I wear and all the fun earrings out there! Plus I paint my nails a lot, but I always have.

Journal Prompt-Things I have made...
"What crafts have you created so far this season? There are so many things to be made, and this page is THE PLACE to document everything that you have made thus far :)"
Lots of crocheting this season! This is my favorite page right now!

Phew got a lot done last night. I don't know if I'll get any done tonight but definitely tomorrow!

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