Crocheted Snowflakes

So last night Jeremy came over to watch The Walking Dead and eat dinner with me. His friend who is taping The Walking Dead for us gave him the wrong tape and we ended up watching a couple hours of WWII in HD instead. I was bummed about no zombies but I do like watching all that WWII stuff. It's amazing how much more I know about that war from watching the History channel than from my Social Studies classes in school.
Since he was over, I couldn't work on the cross stitch so I whipped up these two snowflakes. I got the pattern from over on Heart Handmade. They were so quick and easy and the spray startch I bought to stiffen them smelled just like my Nana =*(
It made me a little nostalgic and I got a bit choked up thinking about Nana but I think she would love that I thought of her while crocheting these little guys. I didn't stretch mine out as far as the ones in the pattern looked. I plan to make a lot more and I am going to crochet them looser so they stretch out more.

I left my camera at work so I only have a phone picture =/

I worked on the cross stich for about an hour after Jeremy left and before I went to bed but the progress was not very significant so I didn't bother taking a picture.

Ps - This is my 100th post!!



Hearthandmade said...

Did u use the dylon starch?!? I thought it smelt like my grannys house too! I love them, you did a great job!! I plan on making some more tonight =)

Amy said...

Congrats on your 100th post AND your adorable little snowflakes! I might have to make some of those for Christmas ornaments!