I freaking love Halloween!! Seriously, it's my all time favorite holiday and I take it very seriously. Last year I was little dead riding hood and taught myself how to use latex, tissue, face paint and fake blood to create wounds on my face, chest and arm. It was so incredibly fun to do!
So this year I knew I wanted something that I could use this same technique for again.
Freddy Krueger!!! His are burns though so I got to use different colors which was fun.
I had two parties this year to sport this sweet, sweet costume at.
The first was one my sister threw but I was NOT happy with my make up that night. I had a bottle of latex, unopened still in the cardboard and plastic too from last year. But it was almost all dried out so it was a real bastard trying to apply it over the tissue and then paint on top of it. And of course I didn't open it until it was waaaay to late to try and get into one of the costume shops. It kept peeling off, ugh!!
Luckily there weren't many pictures that night, I don't have any.
The second party was at Shannon and JP's house. I bought a new bottle of latex and am really happy with how my face turned out!
These are the supplies I used.

Here is how it looked afterward, I'm so pleased with it!!

Jeremy went as one of my victims so he just wore PJ pants and I slashed up a shirt for him and made it bloody.

Shannon made a scavenger hunt for everyone to do which was so fun!
"Act out a scary movie" (I hate this picture ps)

"Kiss the White Beast"

And heres some more pictures from the night.
All us ladies!

Freddy, Lady Luck and Michael Phelps.

Just so you can understand the size of this costume, JP is normally 6'9" and Jeremy is 6'4". JP has stilts that make him a foot taller, he's one of the Knights who say Ni...gigantic!

I had such a fun Halloween, I can't wait til next year!!


Amy said...

So awesome!!!!
I wasn't able to go out and dress up this year, so I'm totally jealous. lol!

Trees said...

Great costume! Makes me wish I made some effort to dress up this year.