Another Xstitch Update

Last night I went shopping with Jessie so I didn't get home til kind of late. I was able to work on the giant xstitch for a little while though.
Here is how it is coming together now with the little bits I worked on Monday and Tuesday nights. It's so annoying how it doesn't look like much! The middle shade of pink is the one I've been working on. I like to do an entire color before moving on to a new one.
I actually feel like I am going to get this done soon! Last night was the first time that I actually "saw" the finish line. All the other times I've worked on it, I felt like it was never ending!!
Sorry for such a dark picture, the flash was washing it out too much.


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Nicole Coffin. said...

hey jamie....i'm giving you a blog award! come check it out over at my blog!