Christmas Decoration Supplies

A couple weeks ago Jessie and I decided that we need to get together to separate out all of our Christmas decorations. She took everything when she moved (from our apartment that we shared for 3 1/2 years) because we figured it'd be easier to deal with later!
I really want to make a lot of my decorations this year and she likes to craft some things too. We are going to get together tomorrow at her new apartment, separate our old decorations and make some new ones!
Tuesday night we went to Joanns with a full list of supplies we needed and lots of coupons! I am definitly making a bunting for myself this year, we are both making a few different types of paper snowflakes and felt snowflakes. I am also making felt ornaments and crocheted icicle ornaments. Jessie is going to paint glass ornaments too.
Here are a few gratuitous shots of some of the craft supplies we bought.

These fabrics are all so pretty, I can't wait to make the bunting!!

And just so you can see the sparklyness off this yarn...

I'll of course post the finished products after Craft Day!! I cant wait!


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Amy said...

Oh I can't wait to see everything you make!