Sneek Peak!

I started a MASSIVE cross stitch last year about this time with the intentions of giving it to Jeremy for Christmas. I obviously didn't finish it. Then, I thought I could finish it for his birthday last year (in February). Again, I obviously didn't finish it. I kind of put it down after his birthday because I was so incredibly sick of looking at it and the color pink!!
Over the last few months I would pick it up once in a while and stitch a bit but never a significant amount.
I am officially 3/4 of the way done with it. The last 1/4 I just finished took the absolute longest because of all the color changes.
I am DETERMINED to finish this thing to give to Jeremy this Christmas. I think I can do it.
Also a side note, I've only been doing half stiches, just / instead of a full X. I think if I hadn't made that decision way in the beginning, the thing would already be in the trash!!

So for now...just so every one knows I am still crafting my pants off even though I haven't completed anything in a while, I want to give a sneak peek. A teaser if you will, of this big ass cross stitch!

Any guesses what it is?!



Amy said...

Oh my god! That looks HUGE! I have NO IDEA what it is, but it's awesome looking!

Jamie said...

I just checked, it's 100 X 100 stitches!! What in God's name made me think this was a good idea?!