My friend at work Jen, asked a few weeks ago if I would crochet her daughter a Bat. As a fellow Bat lover, of course I obliged!! Plus I love Jen and all the sillyness she tells me about her daughter who I've never met but I'm sure we'd get along great if we did. She's 8 and wants to be an FBI agent and a Wolf part time when she grows up...enough said!
I've looked around online for crochet bat patterns before but never really found anything that I liked too much. BUT then I found this adorable Fruit Bat!!
I finished him last night and am soo happy with how he turned out! It takes a little finageling his feet to get him to stand but he will! Jen said that Cat will probably just hang him up somewhere so that made me feel better. I'm still not too good at getting these little dolls to sit and stand the way they should but I'm getting there =)
The best part is there are pipe cleaners in the wings so they can fold closed!!
Without further adieu...here is Batley!

Sorry for so many pictures but I'm really proud of this guy!!


Amy said...

Aw, he's SUPER cute!! I have a book that has a little bat pattern, but his wings are felt, and I don't like that. i might have to get that pattern now! haha. He turned out great!

Jamie said...

Thank You!! I highly recommend this pattern, he worked up quick and it's easy to understand. I saw a lot of patterns out there that had the felt wings and I didn't like them either. When I saw these were poseable, I was sold!! Hehe!!

alovelylittleworld said...

He's great!
I was suppose to leave a comment about your blog award, but you saw it before I had a chance! haha. Oh well. Congrats on a great blog :)

Jamie said...

Haha yeah I checked the blogs I follow just before I left work and saw it! Thanks again, that was so sweet of you!!

Anonymous said...

Cat loves the bat, thank you so much! You made her week! Jenn

Sarah Marie said...

reminds me of stellaluna :D