Craft Club!

Last month my awesome crafty cousin Sarah asked if I would be a guest speaker at her Craft Club at her school, Raritan Valley Community College. I was so flattered to be asked and of course I said yes!!
I was really nervous at first about what types of things I would talk about or even what goes on in a craft club. Well she said I could talk about my inspirations, my blog, being featured on Craftster, etc. She also asked if I could maybe teach them all a craft. At fist I couldn't think of what craft I could teach within an hour. I mean I always think of myself as primarily a sewer. Although, I haven't sewed anything in what feels like forever. I've been crocheting a lot lately but that is a bit involved to teach to a room of college students too.
I finally decided on teaching them to cross stitch. It's pretty simple and the possibilities are endless!
So I looked through a few of my cross stitch and needlework books and typed up instructions on how to cross stitch and how to make a nice finished back for the hoop. I also photo copied a basic cross stitch alphabet. This way whatever we didn't cover or was missed, they could look back on their own.
I was pretty proud of how well organized it all was because I sometimes have a hard time expalaining my thoughts, I'm a scatter brain!
So Tuesday I headed to RVCC with some of my crafts in tow. I went to RVCC for one semester so it was fun being on campus again.
At noon, we got started! There were 5 girls total and I showed off some of the different cross stitch and embroidery projects I've made. I specifically asked Jeremy to give me back two of the things I had made him. I always hear of girls having problems deciding what to make for their boyfriends because let's face it, not everyone appreciates a crafted gift. I wanted to show them that with cross stitch and embroidery, you can pretty much incorparate whatever someone likes into an awesome gift! I also brought my crocheted purple jellyfish and pumpkin.
It really never gets old hearing people tell you how awesome your crafts are =D
The hour really flew by and I could have spent so much more time with those girls but alas, they had classes to get to =(

It was really so much fun hanging out with a bunch of other crafty girls, I wish I was part of a craft club!


alovelylittleworld said...

I love that pretty cross stitch

Jamie said...

Aww thanks! I whipped it up the night before craft club so I could have an example of the finished back, all the others I've made I gave away =)