Wonderful Sunday Part 1

Last Sunday I had a wonderful day with my bestie Liz.
It was just a Fall Activity filled day!

We started the day off apple picking at Melick's Farm in Oldwick, NJ. There's a giant apple orchard and a cider mill. The people who worked there were so friendly and this one woman took so much time explaining all the different apples to us (we were killing time finishing our coffees). I was worried it was either going to rain or be Mud City because it had been torrentially raining almost all week! We were so lucky that the rain had stopped on Friday so the ground had plenty of time to dry up. It was an absolutely beautiful day! Picking apples was a lot of fun, we both got a basket full. The orchard was so pretty, trees everywhere. All differnet sizes and shapes and colors, it was beautiful! I also got some little pumpkins and gourds.
After getting all our goodies we hung around a while, sipping some cider and basically just people watching. We got there pretty early (well early for us) and thank God we did because when we came out of the orchard there were a million people there, all families and their giant SUV's in the country for some family time I guess.
My camera died after about 4 pictures which really sucked so I only got a few pictures.

Here's my apples in their basket!

And here are the cute little displays of gourds, corn, pumpkins and hay they had all over.

These are the cute little pumpkins and gourds that I bought to decorate my apartment...

And this is what I did to the little white ones. I poked holes in the one and dripped paint out to make it look like a vampire bite. The other one I just dripped blood down the creases and around the stem. I did it last year and thought they were so cute, I had to do it again!

Apple picking was a great way to start the day!
On to Part 2...

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