Fall Recipes

I was slacking this week on keeping up with the Journal Prompts for the i heart fall class.
I knew exactly which recipes to use for each but I knew they were kind of long and would need almost all handwriting on the pages, and it sounded boring. Plus I have horrible handwriting.
Finally I buckled down last night and did all 3 at once.

Journal Prompt: What is your favorite meal type/appetizer recipe?
I just recently started making these Stuffed Peppers and I am in love with them. They are so easy and Jeremy LOVES them, he's always asking for more. I think I loved them even more because the first time I made them, after he had eaten 3 he said "those were really good. I didn't think I was going to like them because my Mom made them when I was little and they weren't good. I don't know what you do different but they're great!"
I definitely get satisfaction out of feeding him stuff he likes!!

Journal Prompt: What is your favorite Fall Sweet Treat Recipe?
This is so, so good and I had never even heard of Pumpkin Roll until I moved to PA 5 years ago. Maybe it's a Dutch thing? A lot of people out here make it (I've had it at office parties mostly) and it's always so good. I haven't attempted it myself but I really think I am going to bring it to Thanksgiving this year.

Journal Prompt: What is your favorite fall drink??
This is sooo delish, I just wish I had more occasions to make it for. I live in a little studio so not too many parties =/


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Amy said...


I cannot even express to you my deep and profound love for pumpkin rolls. Reading this and watching the leaves change outside is now making me want ANYTHING that's pumpkin related. My mouth is watering now. lol. I might have to make a pumpkin roll now! haha!