Wonderful Sunday Part Deux

So after apple picking, Liz and I went to the VNA (Visiting Nurses Association) Sale over in Far Hills. It is a HUGE rummage sale that they have twice a year and all the proceeds go to the VNA. We've been going to the sale almost every year since high school. I used to get a ton of crap, nothing I actually needed. The last few times I actually got things that I need and use, it's fantastic!
The sale wasn't supposed to start until 12:30 on Sunday and we were getting there around 12:00, we figured we would just park and wait til the gates opened. WELL as we were pulling up there were a ton of cars already parked which seemed a little crazy. As we were in line waiting to park, I could see people walking with bags already full of stuff!! We were not happy!
So we parked and walked in and Liz asked the first volunteer we saw, what is going on?! Turns out that because of all the torrential rain we had all week, the field where the sale is and people park was completely flooded so they couldn't open on Friday. So they changed the times to compensate, people could get in at 9:30AM!!
Usually Sunday is slim pickins because it is the last day but I guess all the rain and mud had really deterred people from going. I got soo many awesome things!!

Here is an awesome white ceramic pumpkin I got to add to my fall decor. I think it's a gravy boat missing the ladel because there is a little cut out on the lid where it would rest. I also got this cute little acorn figurine which fits nicely next to my tv. And an adorbale container with mushrooms on it! I'm currently using it to hold some utensils that don't fit anywhere else, can opener, scissors, pizza cutter, etc. It fits perfectly on my counter. The bottom says it's from Sears & Roebuck 1982, heh!

I found a whole bunch of metal embroidery hoops for only $1.50! There are a bunch of little ones and even two that are oval shapes, I'm excited for those ones. I also got two old McCall's embroidery pattern books and this amazing folk art cross stitch book. I really love folk art needlework and there are so many patterns in this book that I can not wait to stitch up!

Here are 3 cute glasses that are a yellowish tint that completely remind me of my Grandma, she had these little yellow glass juice glasses when I was a kid. I also got this tiny teapot. Mine is so big and all modern looking, I kind of hate it so this is his replacement!

Usually any good pyrex is gone by the first day of the sale. I was so lucky to find these 3 bowls. I already have a bunch of bowls with the crazy daisy pattern on them but I was so stoked to find the brown one with the Early American pattern!!

The line for the Movie/Music tent is always ridiculously long and Sunday was no different. It was definitely worth the wait though. I don't have TV so I live on Netflix, DVDs and VHS. I stocked up on some sweet movies, I was so happy to find The Lost Boys because someone never returned my copy. And Spinal Tap Woot!! \m/

Last but not least...I thought I bought a stack of old sheet music. When I got home I opened them all up and realized the sheet music is actually part of the New York Journal - American from 1948!! There are so many awesome old ads and classifieds and even an article about Joe DiMaggio making 300 Home Runs. (Too bad I don't know any Yankees/Baseball fans that would appreciate this.)

The classified are really neat too. Jeremy is a machinist and he really liked to see these old ads and how much people were being paid.

Well that was my Wonderful Sunday. It is going down in the record books!


alovelylittleworld said...

Yay! Such great finds! You have the best taste in movies. I can't believe you managed to get Outsiders, Lost Boys and Spinal Tap! Amazing truly! :)

Jamie said...

I know!! I kept gasping every time I found one, the people near me thought I was crazy!