i heart fall Prompt 3

Journal Prompt: Today I would like you to create a page dedicated to all of your ideas for autumn decor.

I used markers and some yarn as an accent for this page.

* I've wanted to crochet little pumpkins and gourds for a while, I really wanted to last year but I never did it.
* I have a big blank wall in my living/bedroom and I see these cute banners that Janel and some other girls make. I think a fall themed one would be lovely up there!
* I showed the primitive raven pattern a few weeks ago in a Wanna Make Wednesday post, I still reeeally want to make him!
And last but not least
* I want to carve pumpkins. My sister and I have been carving pumpkins together since we were kids. There were only a few years in there when we lived states apart from each other that we didnt.
Two years ago we even taught 3 of our friends (Jeremy included) how to carve pumpkins because they never had! I had an ex boyfriend who never carved a pumpkin either, it blew my mind! I knew it'd be trouble when he just jammed the knife in to carve out an eye without even gutting the thing first, LMAO!!
My sister and I have also decided that when we have kids, we will all carve pumpkins together. We have a serious love for Autumn and Halloween and it's just something that we've always done, sort of a tradition that we want to carry on.

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