New Car!!

This post has nothing to do with crafts, it just has to do with the most amazing day of my life.
Sunday was book club, as is the first Sunday of every month. Nothing unusual about that.
I got to Liz's about 12:30 and Shannon was already there. Katie was making a guest appearance (she moved to Rochester so is no longer able to make it to book club) and Kristin had to work so she wouldn't be there til about 2:30. Jess went camping with her boyfriend and some other friends up in Lake George. I thought it was just going to be another regular book club...little did I know!
Mrs. Hoens (Liz's mom) had made us a TON of food. Which wasn't totally weird because she loves any reason to have a party and since book club happened to fall on Labor Day, she went all out! Burgers, dogs, potato salad as far as the eye could see, cookies, drinks, etc. Normally we just have breakfast food and mimosas that we all supply ourselves.
We were all hanging out chatting away like we normally do about nothing in particular, just catching up.
I didn't notice Liz got up but then I heard her by the front door say "OMG come look, my neighbor got a new puppy!" I of course jumped up from the table and ran to the door! I love puppies!!
As soon as I got to the door I was completely confused. The first person I saw was my friend Bryan who I haven't seen in almost a month. Then I saw Jeremy and my mother and my sister and Bryan's girlfriend Taylor. I just stood staring at them completely confused.
Someone said "so there's not a puppy..." and I asked what the hell they were all doing there. That's when my mom said that Jeremy worked with my Dad and got me a car!!!!!!
I was pretty much shell shocked and just stood in the Hoens' front yard staring at this car that was allegedly mine. Eventually I said I didn't understand what was going on. Jeremy explained that he wanted to get me a car, he called my Dad who helped him find it. Jeremy asked that instead of anyone getting my presents for my birthday, they just give him the money to go toward the car.
I honestly do not have the right words to explain the emotions that were running through me. I did start balling my eyes out and just stuffed myself in Jeremy's arms and didn't want to let go. Eventually he told me I should go thank everyone else so I gave everyone hugs and cried all over them. Apparently this has been in the works since August and the plan was to give me the car at a party Shannon is hosting at her house on the 25th. Since my car totally crapped out a few weeks ago the plan was moved up!
To stand there and look at all these people who care about me and love me so much to do this for me was so overwhelming. I couldn't stop crying, it still really hasn't sunk in that I have a car. And a really nice car!! It's a 2003 Toyota Carolla and it has an automatic starter!!!
Everyone hung out for a while at Liz's and ate all this food that Mrs. Hoens had made. That night Kristin and I went to see Stone Temple Pilots at PNC Bank Arts Center and on the drive there I called my Dad to thank him (he works 3rd shift so he doesn't get up til 4:30) and I started crying all over again.
The concert was freaking amazing!! I love Scott Weiland, he's so skinny and lanky and wiggles all over the stage. They sounded really great and Kristin and I had really awesome seats!! They played every song I wanted them to and my favorite was one of the encores "Dead & Bloated". They were such an awesome band too, the bass player took someones camera out of the audience and took a picture of them, I thought that was freaking awesome! They threw out tons of guitar pics and drum heads and even shook a whole bunch of people's hands in the crowd. I love to see a band who appreciates their fans!!
On the drive home I kept thinking about all these people in my life who care about me and helped get me this car. So I cried almost the whole way home. Alot of stuff has been stressing me out lately and everything has been working out so well I literally have nothing to stress over anymore. It's an amazing feeling and it's all thanks to all the amazing people in my life.
I have no idea how I could ever repay or thank Jeremy enough for all that he does for me but I plan on spending the rest of my life trying to!!
Whew I'm getting all weepy again!

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