2 More Bats

So last week I made this bat and last night I finished making two more smaller ones. The pattern came with a big bat and a little bat. As I was reading the directions again, I realized I forgot one step! I didn't add glue to the paint or dab any excess off. Last time I also didn't sew the wings to the body until they were already painted and baked (yes baked) and it was a pain in the butt because they were very stiff and hard to get the needle through. This time I sewed everything together first, then coffee stained and painted them. The only thing I don't like about doing it this way is that the wings don't move, they're stuck sticking out straight, the big ones wings move. This time I also hand stitched all the top stitching to make them look more "primitive", I like how that part turned out better than the first.
I also hot glued them to these old candle sticks I found at the thrift store last week.
I really love these primitive dolls, once I can make some more things for myself (after September) I am going to get that Raven pattern I posted a few Wednesdays ago and attempt him!!

Here they are....another black one and the illusive Allentownian Albino...Oooo!!

And here is where they live on one of the shelves above my chaise futon and snake tank. I really like how they look up there but now I really have to get a new frame so I can hang the "Imagine" ring painting I did in 2D class years ago. (stupid frame broke in the move.)

Happy Thursday!


Mandi said...

Those bats are so nice!!

Jamie said...

Thanks! I love them!!