Craftster AGAIN?!

OMG I seriously feel so special!!

So I go on Craftster tonight to see if anyone responded to my new bat dolls (yes, I'm a comment whore) and I scroll down the home page to check out the special features. I see there's one called "Ridin' Crafty Bicycle Crafts". I clicked on it because I have a bunch of friends who all love bikes and I thought there might be something awesome in there to send them a link to...
and what do I see second to last but the bicycle I made the seat cover for on Jason's Marilyn Bike!!!

Here's the link to it in the special section as well as all the other rad bikes!!
"Ridin' Crafty Bicycle Crafts"

It really is a very awesome feeling to have people who you admire also admire your work. It's so gratifying and humbling.
I have been crafting pretty much my whole life. I discovered Craftster back in 2007 and it got me back into crafting after a bit of a hiatus and turned it into an obsession. It honestly has changed my life in a wonderful way. I can't thank Leah for starting it, all the wonderful people who now run the site and of course the amazing crafters who post their own projects and comment on mine enough. It's such a wonderful, positive community. In such a negative world, ESPECIALLY on the internet, it's a sort of haven for me.
I know I'm not the only Craftster who feels this way!!
Thank you Craftster!!


Trees said...

Good work! I saw that bike seat and it's amazing!

Craftster has changed so many crafty people's lives - including mine^^

Knickertwist said...

First of all... I totally adore your bats. Secondly, craftster is such a huge, positive, part of my life too. It really is the best community out there :)