Marilyn Bicycle

So Jessie's boyfriend Jason refurbishes old bicycles, like 1930's and 1950's bicycles. He not only cleans them up and fixes them so they ride like new, but he does AMAZING paint jobs on them.
I've sewn some clothes in my day, especially corsets so he asked me to make a corset seat cover for this bicycle about a month ago. I am extremely envious of his artwork and what he does with these bikes so when he asked for my help, of couse I obliged!! He had all the fabric, supplies and ideas...I just had to construct it and since it's not really for wearing and included no boneing...it was a piece of cake! I gave this seat cover to him last weekend at Jessie's birthday party and he has it all put together now.
This bike isn't actually meant for riding, it's an art piece and really just to get his name out there so he can start getting some more commisions. He doesn't have a blog or anything but he does have all his stuff on Myspace which I'm pretty sure you can look at here.

Here is the before picture of the bike

The after picture

My contribution

Marilyn Detail that Jason stenciled on

Jessie's lips and a close up of the awesome lace pattern Jason does so well!

I really enjoyed being a part of such an awesome bike and I'd love to do it again in the future. Next time I won't be such a procrastinator about it either!!

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Risu said...

wow, amazing job, the both of you! that corset looks so sexy on that bike!