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So as I've said before, I love craftster!
I saw this adorable needlebook that CraftyDebs made. I complimented her on it and she offered to make me one!! I asked her what she wanted me to make her in return and since she is such an awesome Aunt...she asked me to crochet a panda bear for her niece. I haven't crocheted in what feels like FOREVERRR!! But, I found this adorable free pattern online and got to work.
I really do like crocheting but I hate sewing all the pieces together!! I had to take this little guys legs off and resew them twice because he kept falling foward, arrgg!!
I popped him in the mail Saturday and got into the weirdest conversation about Flashlights with the guy behind the counter, haha!!
Crocheting this little guy has got me in the mood to crochet some more, I think I want to make a jellyfish for my bathroom.

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Amy said...

OH he's adorable!
That's the worst part of crocheting creatures, sewing all the parts together. Whenever I've written my own patterns, I make sure there's as few parts as possible! haha
Great job though!