Kristin's Birthday!

In other news...this Saturday we're (we is Jeremy, Justin and I) are going to Atlantic City to partake in the festivities of Kristin's Birthday. There will be dinner at the Irish Pub, Karaoke singing in our own private Karaoke Room at Planet Rose in the Tropicana and then who knows what else the glitz, glam and scum of Atlantic City holds for us!?!
She said "no gifts" which as a crafter and self proclaimed awesome gift giver...is pretty hard for me to abide by! Plus I've been watching Curb Your Enthusiasm (netflix <3) and it just so happens that the disc I have right now has an episode where "no gifts" at a birthday party is discussed and agreed upon that no one ever really means!!
I have thrown myself head first into embroidery and cross stitching lately. Which turns out was perfect timing as it is the cheapest damn craft out there I'm pretty sure!! We (we being my Jiggas [Jiggas being Kristin, Jess, Shannon, Liz and I]) sometimes refer to Kristin as Mother Hen so I decided...why not embroider something up for her reflecting that exact sentiment!?
I've wanted to embroider on a patterned piece of fabric for a while and decided this was the perfect time. I also happened to be looking at the Feeling Stitchy Rainbow Stitches Contest and love the idea of stitching something entirely in one color. I also want to learn different stitches because I do everything in backstitch right now with the occasional french knot. I decided I want to do stem stitch and if I'm feeling frisky a chain stitch or two.
I started tonight and only go 1/2 of a chic done after sketching up the general idea. Oh, and I'm doing this without drawing onto the fabric first. I just realized how much I'm attempting for a first time with this project!!
Oh the chics are still just going to be backstitch with the occasional french knot because they're so small. I only got this far because my allergies are going berzerk today and I'm very irritable and having to stop to blow my nose after 3 stitches gets pretty annoying pretty quickly!!
I'm gonna work on it tomorrow, I can't wait to get more of it done!

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