Prompt 10

Journal Prompt 10: This prompt is all about collections. Do you collect buttons, clothes, shoes, friends, parking tickets, whatever!! Illustrate your collections. This will be fun to look back on someday and see how your collections have grown or have moved on :)

I have alot of random things that I "collect". Anything that has to do with sewing and images of old sewing machines. I hope to one day have an antique Singer that I can keep in my craft room! I also collect halloween decorations...mostly just bats and skulls. Although, I do love the vintage halloween stuff but I don't own anything. I also love vintage pyrex and I like to get mugs from all the different places I've been. Oh and I love all things New Orleans which sort of manifested into a love of the fleur di lis.

Descriptions below...

I took pictures so you can see my favorites of each, I do have a ton more and it was hard to narrow them down but I think I got it!
First is a tea pot that is a sewing table with a Singer style machine on it!!! It belonged to my mom's boyfriend, Dave's mother. She recently moved and when cleaning out here house I found her collection of so many interesting teapots and they said I could have this one. I feel very lucky to have it.
Those little blue owls are actually salt & pepper shakers from the 50's. My sister got them at a bazaar for me =]
It was between this mug and the one I got in New Orleans. This one I got in GA during the first road trip Liz and I took. It's hand made and is painted with a beautiful scene of Colorado, at least that's what the carving on the bottom says.
This is a tattoo on got on the road trip Jeremy and I took last year. I got this in New Orleans the day after Mardi Gras. Jeremy got a crawfish in the shape of a fleur di lis on his shoulder.
The bat is pretty dark but he is so detailed an awesome for just a rubber halloween decoration. He was part of my halloween themed surprise birthday party that Jeremy threw for me last year.
That is a vintage pyrex bowl given to me by my mother. I don't know when she got the set but I remember always making chocolate chip cookies in the big pink one when I was little. This is part of a set of 4 and I love them all but this one I use the most.
And last but certainly not least is my super blingy skull! I got it at Michael's two years ago and I imagine that it is a take off of Damien Hirst's Diamond Skull "For The Love of God"
It was fun looking at all the cool stuff I have ;P

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Hearthandmade said...

i love your pyrex bowl!! And I thought that was a homemade version of damien hursts skull. I was well impressed!! I dont have Michaels in the uk but i wish i did!