In other news...

I got these ADORABLE plugs from Omerica Organic.

They have the most beautiful, handmade, wooden plugs and I want soo many of them. However, because they are handcrafted and so beautiful they are also not cheap. Well it turns out that any of the ones they make that are even slightly flawed, they sell on ebay. So when I saw these owl ones I had to hope they were on ebay, and they were!! woot!! or should I say hoot, haha!!
I was in a bidding war down to the last second with someone (I'm sorry whoever you are) but I won! They were still the most expensive plugs I've ever bought myself, but cheaper than if I bought them on the site.
Although, I do plan on buying more from them once I'm no longer a broke bastard.

Take a look at their site and tell me you don't swoon!
Omerica Organic

My ears are currently a 0 and the ones I bought are 00 so I will have to go up a size but I plan to keep getting bigger for a while anyway so no worries.
And if you don't like stretched ears or don't understand it, I don't need your criticism. It's my body and I like the way they look so poop on you!!

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Amy said...

They're so cute!!!! I love owls and most everything owl oriented. :)