Amazing Weekend!

So this weekend was jam packed and oh so wonderful!
Saturday was Jessie's 25th Birthday and it was no regular party..oh no! It was a redneck themed birthday, complete with the amazing 3 piece bluegrass band The Midway. It was an awesome time with alot of awesome kids and music!
I have a million ideas for things I want to make her but I finally narrowed down what to give her. About a month or two ago I was at her house hanging out with some people. We got into a conversation about the prospect of her getting a pet squirrel. I being the natural born pessimist that I am asked a million questions and basicall,y tried smashing her dream of having pet squirrels that would live outside during the day but come home at night. Of course this was a slightly intoxicated conversation (although I'm sure it would have been damn near the same if we were totally sober)and in her crushed dream sadness she uttered "I could get a squirrel to love me....If he knew how much I loved him..." After laughing hysterically for a few minutes, I put this gem of a quote into the back of my mind for crafty possibilities!!
This is what I came up with!

I also made made her a pair of "blood" splattered heels with adorable bows on the back. Making these was such a mess, it still looks like a massacre took place on my roof!!

My Dad said he was going to make an appearance but didn't. He didn't want to "cramp our style" which is ridiculous because if you know my Dad, he's pretty bad ass and everyone loves him!! I mean, who doesn't love a rockstar?! I was bummed he didn't come also because I had this insanely late Father's Day gift for him. I usually give him presents that have to do with his love of music because it's also a love of mine. However, he is also an awesome fisherman and even though I don't really do the whole fishing thing, I wanted to make him a little something. This is a pattern from Urban Threads that I hand embroidered and framed in this sweet old frame I got at the VNA Sale in May.

(There is nothing crafty in this next bit, it's just part of the awesome weekend)
Sunday night Jeremy and I went to see Iron Maiden at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Jersey and it was an awesome show!! The night started off just right when walking through the area between the seat sections, Jeremy spotted Eddie Trunk and Jim Florentine!! We both yelled "Eddie!!!" threw him the horns, which he promptly threw back!! Then they were walking up the side of the seats which was closer to use and Jeremy ran over to shake both their hands and let them know that we love them! If you don't know who Eddie Trunk is well...you suck!! He does a radio show and also a half hour show on VH1 Classics called "That Metal Show" and it's all things Metal. Jim is a comedian who is also on the tv show. They interview bands, review shows and CD's etc. Eddie knows pretty much everything ever about Metal, it's ridiculous!! Anyway...then came Maiden \m/
It was mostly all newer songs with a few "old stones" as Bruce Dickenson put it, thrown in. There was also a great tribute to Dio (may he RIP)...to look out over a sea of horns thrown up is really something to behold, and make any metal head proud to be a part of!!

At one point a GIANT animatronic Eddie (their mascot) came out on stage, he was twice the size of the band members!! Look at the guys with the guitars..that giant green thing is Eddie and he was walking around and even played a guitar at one point, WHAT?!

It was such a great show, I have never seen such an energetic band in all the shows I've been to, it was unreal!! ALSO, I've never seen so many kids at a show, I'm talking under 8 years old!! So awesome, my kids are definitely going to shows..once I have them, ha!
Sorry for the crappy phone pics of the show =(

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