Wanna Make Wednesday

I love when blogs have themed days so I decided I would do one too. So I'm going to start "Wanna Make Wednesday"s. I spend alot of time cruising around the internet looking for patterns and things that I want to make at some point. I've been on a massive cross stitch and embroidery kick and since I made that panda now I want to crochet a million things!!
Here are just a few...

My feet are always cold, like ice blocks! It doesn't really bother me but it bothers others (Jeremy) when I touch him with my frozen feet. I think these would be soo adorable to wear around the house. I love granny squares and I attempted a blanket made out of them but I got so bored making the same thing over and over again =(

from SylvChezPlum's Etsy Shop

I love Owls...shocking! And I also love Cross Stiching so it only makes sense that I love this pattern. The little ones within the big ones belly are amazing!!

I will one day buy this pattern from bellastitchery's shop!!

Besides Owls, I also love Bats! I just think they are so adorable and I would love to have one as a pet. At a horror convention I went to a few years ago a woman there had rescued an Owl and a Bat...needless to say I was insanely jealous of her. However, she was super awesome and let me pet them both =)
In the mean time I would love to make this little guy. I shouldn't call him little though, I've made one of her patterns before. It was a big cat for Liz so I'm sure this guy is a good size too!

DeliciousCrochet has the most amazing crochet patterns!!

This is an embroidery pattern that as soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted hanging in my apartment. I love the illusion of it being an outdoor scene but it's also a skull..oooo!!

This pattern is from Urban Threads. They have so many awesome patterns and they're so cheap too, always a plus for a broke bastard like myself!

I bought this pattern Monday after finishing the panda. I plan on hanging him in my bathroom and maybe even making a second so he has a friend! I am making them to match the color scheme of my bathroom. I can't wait to show him off once he's done.

from EssHaych's shop

That's all for now but I assure you, that isn't even close to all the things I have saved and want to make!!


Amy said...

I've been admiring those slippers too! There was a recent post on Craftster with granny square slippers, and it definitely makes me want to make some. And jellyfish are so fun to make! I have one hanging from my pull on my fan in the bedroom. He's cute. :)
I've been admiring Delicious Crochet's patterns FOREVER! I really am going to have to splurge and buy a pattern eventually. :)

Jamie said...

I have a whole sea theme in my bathroom but not fish. I like the octopi, seahorses and jellyfish. The Delicious pattern I did was for the cat, it was really easy and it was only the second thing I crocheted and she was so helpful with all the questions I had for her!