JP's Birthday

Last night Jeremy and I went to Jersey for our friend JP's Birthday Party. JP and Shannon have the most adorable house and I can only hope that one day I'm lucky enough to have one like that. As soon as we got there, we walked into the backyard and JP was lighting candles in these lanterns that were hanging from various branches in one of their trees. I never would have thought to have lanterns hanging from a tree but now...I totally want that! I was so pretty and I thought it looked like there should be some fairies flying around but Heebs (who I was having this discussion with) thought there should be some kind of Lord of the Rings type dude with a cape and sword standing there with his cape blowing in the wind, haha!!
They also have a sweet fire pit with these awesome carved stools around it. JP of course carved the stools. He is an extremely awesome wood carver. At some point Jeremy and some other people went downstairs to see JPs workshop. When Jeremy came out, he had this sweet little carved man. To me he looks like an old man who would live in the woods and maybe have some awesome connection with the forest and probably smokes pipes. JP gave it to him and luckily Jeremy forgot it was in my purse this morning, so I got a picture of him.

Shannon is also super crafty, she bakes cakes and does amazing thing with the frosting and/or fondant. I didn't get a picture of the top of the cake but it was a Grateful Dead dancing bear riding a mountain bike! Very awesome. As JP was cutting it, she said there was a suprise inside. I imagined a toy for some reason..like out of a cereal box. Sometimes when I reflect on my own thoughts, I wonder where I come up with certain shit, LOL BUT instead the cake was rainbow!!! AAAHHH!! It was freaking awesome. I only got a phone picture of this and that was after Jeremy inhaled two giant pieces but it still looks awesome. She even said she could do it zebra striped...which I would be totally partial to *wink, wink*

Later we played a rousing game of WLD (win, lose or draw) for those not in the know. WLD is such a fun game, it's so easy to understand and everyone loves it! There were so many people that we had to break into 3, that's right, 3 teams! This was a first but it actually worked out quite well. I only remember a few of the drawings...apparenlty Jeremy's team had "Captain Abraham" which Liz had to draw but turns out they really mean t "Captain Ahab" Haahahaa!! Within 30 seconds I got my team to guess Hibiscus which I thought was pretty amazing. And I also guessed Chaise Lounge in like no time at all for my team! The best part of the game was that I didn't know anyone on my team, but they were all very awesome and loved the game as well.

All in all, it was an awesome time and I love all my Jersey friends soo much!

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