Wishlist Wednesday

I know today is Thursday but last night my "borrowed" Wifi was acting up.

I decided that instead of making a Wanna Make list this week, I would make a Wish List. I have way too many projects on my plate and looking at more things I'd love to make would just be torture. My birthday is in a month and a half so this was a very fun list to make!!

First off...tell me this table and lamps aren't amazing?! They would replace my craft table and lamp in a minute!

found here

Now that I think about my lamps, I would also love to replace the boring white ones in my living/bedroom with one of these!!

from Horrordecor

Speaking of Zombies, my sweet new laptop (thanks mommy!) could really use this decal...

from Macetera

These nesting dolls would look so great in my apartment!

from WengerGirl

I would love to keep my yarn while crocheting in this adorable yarn bowl!

from MaidofClay

These plugs are amazing, I'd love to look like I have buttons in my ears!!

from Omerica Organic

One, two Freddie's coming for you...this shirt rocks!!

from Branded

This anatomical Mermaid shirt is so beautiful!

also from Wengergirl

I would love to hang out around the house in these Rot'n Roll shorts!!

from Too Fast

If you buy me any of these, I'll love you forever!!


Amy said...

OMG. I want one of everything too!!! No, seriously. lol.
Now I must click on all of the links to see where I can buy them to email them all to my husband right now!

Jamie said...

Aren't they all awesome?! I wanna tell everyone I know to look here just so they can buy me everything for my birthday, LOL!!

Amy said...

I sent the table to my husband, because I truly feel that we need it. We can't find a price, which is sad. lol

Jamie said...

turns out it's not a real table!!! apparently it's an "animated experiment", which is both lame and disappointing =(