Primitive Bat!

So I bought this pattern to make a primitive bat doll.
I have never made anything like this before but when I saw these bats, I knew I wanted my own! It was actually alot easier than I had thought it would be. In the future, I would change some of the way this was put together, mostly with the sewing parts. It was also the smelliest project I've ever done I think! I had to use coffee to stain the bat and then used cinnamon in the paint to gunk it up a bit, it was nice having my apartment filled with those scents though.
Now that I look at the pattern again, my bat isn't nearly as beat up as the original =(
I still like him alot and he was very easy to make. This is the big one and I plan on making two little ones next!
He already has a lovely home in the nook above my tv stand. The little ones I think I want to put on candlesticks or something and put them somewhere else in my apartment. I'll worry about that when the time comes though.

In his new home...(please ignore the chair, that was just there to stand on to get him up there)

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