What the hell year is it?!

A lady who sits near me at work saw me looking at vintage pyrex online one day (yes, I work very hard). She recently moved or is renovating her kitchen or something and found this old dish and thought of me. Isn't that so nice?! She brought it in for my yesterday! I've been scrubbing it for what feels like hours because it's all kinds of dirty with god knows what baked onto it and it's still got crud on it! Anyone have a good tip to wash pyrex?!
It's a little more 70's than I usually like but hey, free vintage pyrex is still awesome!
I put it on the stove when I was organizing my cabinets to find a spot for it and literally laughed out loud looking at it next to my two pots I got at the VNA Sale this past May. I agree that these pots are pretty 70's ish too but how often do you see pots with designs on them?! It was $11 for the set, a steal I think!

You can also see my amazing wall paper in the background, this picture cracks me up! It looks like something that should be in a Sears & Roebuck catalog!!

Here is a close up of the outstanding flower designs just so you can fully appreciate them.


Knickertwist said...

That dish is fantastic! You've probably already tried but... have you used baking soda? Make a thick paste from it and use it to scrub off the crud.

Amy said...

Haha! That's amazing!

I love vintage kitchen stuff. My kitchen is a lot of 50's stuff and 50's inspired stuff. I actually do have a pan that has strawberries on it! I found it at a thrift store and HAD to have it. lol. The flowers are just adorable though!

Jamie said...

Amy - I definitely prefer 50's style stuff too but really, I'll take anything vintage, LOL

Knickertwist - I have not tried baking soda but I will now! Thanks so much!