Personal Swap Part Deux

So a couple weeks ago I sent out this little panda for my swap partner's niece. This morning I woke up to a package at my door!
(long story short, my downstairs neighbor and I share a mailbox, he has the key so I have to wait to get my mail til the morning even when I can see it in the box the night before, it's torture!)
I quick opened it up before running to work and was SO happy that I even brought it with me because I wanted to look at everything some more!

The swap was initially just for this sweet, sweet needlebook! I am madly in love with it and can't believe Deb even included some needles!! I have a few embroidery and cross stitch projects in the works that I am definitely going to whip out and finish just to get some use out of my new needlebook!

I don't know why this picture keeps uploading longways when I took it and it's saved fatways!!!

She sent a little late (which I could care less about since I am perpetually late with and to everything in life) and to make up for it she made me these amazing Owl earrings and necklace!!!
(Sorry about the glare, the glaze on them keeps causing a glare with the flash but if I take a picture without the flash, they're too dark)

I literally squeeled out loud when I opened the needlebook and found them inside. The detail is amazing and the colors are so vibrant! Sadly I won't be able to wear the earrings because my ears are stretched BUT I will be rocking this necklace regularly. My sister LOVES little animal earrings. She has racoons, bats and lobsters right now. I showed them to her at work today and when I said "It sucks that I can't wear these tiny little owl earrings..." I watched the light bulb go off in her head and then she practically screamed "CAN I HAVE THEM?!" And when I told her of course, she said "YES!! Now I have 4 pairs of tiny animal earrings!!!" Can you tell we're related?!
This was the first personal swap I've done on Craftster although I've done a few organized ones. This was such an awesome experience that I will definitely be taking part in more personal swaps in the future.
Thank you CraftyDebs!!

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