Blogger Blanket Updates!!

I am alive!! I don't really know what happened with blogging, it just fell by the way side I suppose. The week before we went to Florida I was super busy with prevacation preparations, then I was in Florida for a whole week. The following week when I got home I was so busy trying to get back into the normal swing of things. I think I'm back to my normal self and ready to get back to blogging. Thanks so much for putting up with the hiatus...it looks like I was unintentionally participating in the August Break!

Anyway, enough excuses...I have tons of Blogger Blanket Updates!

These are the 3rd set of squares I sent for the Blogger Blanket Project. My partner was Christine who blogs over at CK Scribbles. She's completely adorable, a fellow Jersey Girl and a crafty chic too, what's not to love?!

I have also recieved the squares she made for me so here they are!! I love how bright all the colors are, they all work so well together. Thank you Christine!!!

I have both sent and received from the awesome organizer of this whole swap, Miss Courtney. I am so happy that she decided to organize this swap because it has been really awesome getting so many granny squares from so many awesome and talented bloggers.
These are the ones she sent me and I looove the color scheme. They are so well made too!

These are the insanely colorful squares I sent her. I realized while trying to pick out the colors I would use for her squares that I had all the colors of the rainbow!! I thought about 2/3 of the way through that I was going to run out of the orange and yellow yarns but I didn't, YAY! I don't think I've ever made such colorful squares before, I really like them!

I sent these darlings off to Debbie. The colors sort of reminded me of Valentine's day but all I kept thinking of was some kind of hard candy. Haha!! These aren't the best pictures and I apologize. I took these pics the morning before I went to work and left for Florida...that was a CRAZY morning!!

I received two packages right after I got home from Florida and they both contained some sweet, sweet squares! This first set are from Becky. The red photographed very weird, it does not look like that in person. I really love the color combo, using black as an accent with really bright colors is one of my favorite things!!

The second package left for me after I got home was from Rebecca. The colors totally remind me of Autumn which I am sooo excited about!! The last few days here have been pretty rainy and gross, really getting me in the mood for Fall! The squares definitely put me in that mood too!

I am such a nerd and laid all my squares out on my bed to see how they will all look together. I think I have decided to keep each set of squares in a row of themselves. I can't wait to get the last set and sew these beauties together!!



Courtney said...

OMG I LOVE Becky's squares that she sent you! So amazing! I love how they all look together and that a lot of the girls seemed to stick kinda with a theme so we will kinda ll have the same blanket and that makes me very excited!
P.S. I TOTALLY laid them all out on my bed more than a few tims to see what it would look like!

Jamie said...

I have loved all the different color schemes with each set of squares I've received. Everyone's are all so well made too, this has been such a great swap! I'm glad I'm not the only one who's laid out the squares and swooned over them as a whole!!

heather dawn said...

aren't everyones squares so amazing!! I just got your today and DIED! They are so beautiful and ABSOLUTELY the most beautiful colors! You have to share with me the yarns & colors you used.. they are so beautiful together! i love that you used the blue when you ran out! seriously, i'm in love with them!!

I'm joining all mine together in black.. and i can't wait to see it all put together. And I've totally been playing with my granny squares too!!

Consider my dear said...

AHH THEY LOOK SO CUTE!! I wish I got rainbow ones!

Jamie said...

I'm so glad you liked them heather!! I don't have the labels with the names but they are all Vanna's Choice yarns.

Jamie said...

I'm so glad you liked them heather!! I don't have the labels with the names but they are all Vanna's Choice yarns.